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Manthan Launches a Smart Store Assistant enabling Retailers Deliver Winning In-Store Experiences

Manthan’s Engage247, a smart mobile application provides prescriptive actions and real-time business insights, aiding store managers make impactful customer centric decisions

Manthan, a global leader in AI-powered advanced analytics solutions and a recognized innovator in bringing pathbreaking, intuitive solutions to retailers worldwide brings the power of prescriptive actions and real-time insights to store managers with the launch of Engage247, a smart store assistant.

Retail store managers often have limited access or lack visibility into critical metrics around available inventory, current purchase trends, on-going promotional performance, sales metrics, walk-in shopper preferences, as they unfold daily. Analyzing reports at the end of the day, week or month is sub-optimal as it contributes to delays in decision making and hampers their ability to consistently deliver top-notch customer experiences.

Engage247, a mobile application changes this by proactively surfacing prescriptive actions at the right time and providing real-time insights by contextually analyzing a wide range of data points. This helps store managers address every key aspect of their store that impacts customer experience such as prevent out of stock or personalize offers to loyal customers. Engage247 provides:

1] Prescriptive Actions - 
Engage247 prescribes data-driven actions such as re-order or replenish items, optimize inventory, recommend offers to select customers based on buying context and products to markdown, at the right time.

2] Personalized Engagement - 
It enables personalized engagements by building a single view of the customer and providing insights into path to purchase, customer preferences, brand choices and propensity to respond to promotions. Retail store associates can use this to meaningfully engage customers and effectively respond to moments of truth unfolding in stores daily.

3] Conversational Interface - 
Store managers can ask any question related to their store in natural language through voice or text and receive data-driven answers instantly E.g. MTD sales of newly launched dairy products or inventory count for two competing brands of energy drinks and get answers in seconds. It eliminates the need to sift through reports and analyze them.

4] Real-time Insights and Visibility - 
Engage247 empowers store managers and associates deliver better customer experiences with real-time insights into key metrics. E.g. 

  • Customer and Product - customer preferences, brand choices and product sell through or stock on hand
  • Category Performance - stock positions within categories, best performing categories
  • Active Promotions - promotion response by channel, conversion rates

“Engage247 empowers store managers deliver a truly differentiated in-store experience by converging all critical aspects of the store into a single mobile application with AI and prescriptive analytics. In trials with our customers, we are already seeing a transformational shift in customer engagement levels, in-store execution and sales” said Sameer Narula, Chief Product Officer, Manthan.

Manthan will be exhibiting at booth #4311, National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention & Expo to be held between January 14-16, 2017 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Please click here to book an appointment and experience Engage247 and interact with our retail analytics experts.