Personalized Direct to Shopper Marketing

A cloud-based solution, TargetOne is the central hub that lets marketers easily adopt analytics powered targeting and personalization.
Customer Segmentation

Easily create targeted lists for every marketing campaign based on marketing objectives

Personalized Promotions

Personalize every promotions with recommendation engine

Customer Insights

Aggregate insights from shopping behavior, campaign responses and social engagement

Omni Channel Marketing

Execute scheduled and triggered campaigns across all digital channels

Customer Marketing Effectivenes

Track and measure effectiveness of every channel, campaign, tactic and asset


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Motivating Profitable Shopping Behavior

Motivate repeat visits with lifecycle insights
  • Recognise every customer's lifecycle and lifestage and use those insights to send relevant promotions that drive repeat purchases
  • Analyze customer transaction data to segment customers based on shopping behavior
  • Uncover what products and promotions motivate frequent visits by loyal customers
  • Send promotions on uncovered products to less frequent customers to motivate change in behavior
Increase share of wallet with effective cross-sell
  • Uncover opportunities to expose newer categories and profitable brands to loyal customers to capture share of wallet.
  • Analyze shopping behavior across customer segments to recognise popular product prefences and Affinities.
  • Leverage automated recommendation engine to deliver relevant promotions based on basket context of previous purchase history
  • Setup triggered promotions to motivate customers at the moment of truth across mobile, web and point of sale.

TargetOne enables us to execute personalized promotions for micro-segments across email and mobile apps which has driven 8% campaign lift. - CMO, Asia’s Largest Loyalty Program

Analytics Based Personalization

Personalized Recommendations

Ensemble of algorithms to adapt to the most effective approach based on the industry vertical scenarios and challenges

Data mining models designed to identify

  • Personalized recommendations from both sparse & dense date
  • Item cross-sells
  • Items frequently bought together
  • Top selling items
  • Similar items

A/B Testing

Personalize communication for your segments with what works best with them identified through split tests executed through TargetOne

Automated test execution, winner identification and execution of winning combination for rest of group

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Contextual Targeting


Create target segments based on customer profile attributes, transaction behavior, loyalty promotion response

Merge or de-duplicate multiple segments using an intuitive UI.

Real Time Contextual Targeting

Listen to signals originating from channels such as Mobile Apps & POS to respond back with appropriate offers in real time

Define rules based on customer interaction context and basket context to cross-sell and change customer purchase behavior

Omni-channel Targeting

Multiple Channels

Execute personalized promotions across Email, SMS and Mobile Apps

Omni-channel personalization platform to ensure consistency of communication across all channels

Centralized Governance

Set up touch governance to control communication frequency across all channels

Centrally manage customer subscription touch history, channel preferences and un-subscribes

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Lifecycle Insights

Customer Insights

Know your new, best, engaged and lapsed customers

Identify opportunities for customer activation, trip frequency & basket size improvement and customer retention and customer reactivation

Channel Insights

Get insights to channel performance. Track channel responses and understand impact of each channel on customer engagement and sales


You don’t have to wait ages for deployment. A cloud-based SaaS solution, TargetOne can start enabling profitable decisions in just 2 weeks. That’s what Manthan calls Switch On - on-tap analytics solutions that accelerate time to benefit and provide new abilities to the agile marketer.

13 years of experience translated into packaged applications tailored for specific functions, delivered over the cloud. Ready to use on day 1.


Pre-built connectors and defined processes drive faster self service data loading into a built for analytics marketing data model. Unify data from external and enterprise systems.


Architected for use by business users, with ample self service and on-demand help to accelerate adoption. First analytical view in 2 days.



No PII (Personal Identifiable Info), Encrypted Blocks, Secure Data in motion and rest

Real Time Personalization

Secure design and deployment principles, multi-factor authentication

Customer Life Cycle Insights

Hardened Network, Secure Access, VPN, Multi-layer Authentication

Customer Insights

Physical and environmental security with multi-factor access controls

Omnichannel Targeting

Standards-based Adaptive Operational Process