How To Start Hyper-Personalization Today!
This 6-page whitepaper outlines how online retailers can achieve accelerated
growth with web personalization being aligned to the customer shopping journey.
What's in the ebook? In order to surface the right products that match customer preferences and needs, marketers need deep understanding of customer behaviour. Hyper-personalization goes one step above personalization. It is about being relevant, precise, on time and aligned to the customer purchase journey. This whitepaper can help you:
  • Understand true personalization
  • Learn how to achieve hyper personalization
  • Begin the hyper personalization journey
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Personalized Direct to Shopper Marketing

A cloud-based solution, Manthan is the central hub that lets marketers easily adopt analytics powered targeting and personalization.

Easily create targeted lists for every marketing campaign based on marketing objectives

Personalize every promotions with recommendation engine

Aggregate insights from shopping behavior, campaign responses and social engagement

Execute scheduled and triggered campaigns across all digital channels

Track and measure effectiveness of every channel, campaign, tactic and asset

Customer Quote
CMO, Asia’s Largest Loyalty Program Manthan enables us to executes personalized promotions for micro-segments across email and mobile apps which has driven 8% campaign lift.