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    When your products expire in a day,
    decisions really can't wait.

    Your customer likes to know what's happening next.
    With prescriptive analytics, you can help her do that.

    Make the right decision every time
    Through insights about every area of your restaurant chain.

    When customers pass your store,
    how about reminding them what they might need?

    Personalize every interaction, with relevance,
    from when the customer starts checking out, to checkout.


We are Manthan. We love technology, we love consumers. We design newer ways to seamlessly align the two, to create opportunity for your customer-obsessed business.


We design prescriptive analytics applications powered by AI; on cloud, for customer-facing businesses. Today our focus is on AI, to reimagine analytics as human intelligence never could.


Our mission is to make the most sophisticated analytics products intuitive for the user. We do that by integrating decision sciences, high math and artificial intelligence into the way you run your business.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI is already changing the way we do business. With your data and our AI and prescriptive analytics capabilities, we really can reimagine how you do business; reimagine your relationship with your customer in a way our human capabilities never could..

  • Technology

    Not many bring you the 3 critical capabilities your customer-facing business needs – analytics, AI,on cloud. We do. And we back it up with deep domain expertise. Making us the only player with all 3 critical capabilities – the best AI platform on cloud for retail and consumer businesses.

  • Product

    Ours is a portfolio designed from a customer perspective. More intelligent, more cognitive algorithms that ensure every product your customer needs is on your shelf. On time. That informs the customer it is on the shelf. That ensures the customer comes to you for it. And ensures she comes back.

  • Ecosystem

    Manthan partners with the leading data warehousing, business intelligence and other firms to offer you a complete and better technology proposition. This makes it easier for you to adopt, integrate and collaborate on the latest technological offerings that we bring you.

Press Release | online Marketing

Press Release | Online Marketing

Manthan to Showcase a Suite of AI and Prescriptive Analytics Products to Enable Customer Obsessed Retailing, at NRF 2018

Manthan will be demonstrating innovations that enable retailers to reimagine key business functions and elevate customer experience like never before.
Manthan, the global leader in AI-powered advanced analytics solutions and a recognized innovator in bringing path-breaking solutions to retailers worldwide, will be showcasing..

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Fresh | Retail Insights

Fresh | Retail Insights


It's not just products that are changing on the shelves. How retailers think, how people buy, retail technology and how the smart retailer engineers and implements his ideas is also changing by the hour. A collection of ideas and thoughts on retail insights, industry trends, perspectives and points of view on retail decision making, Fresh, is where you access the latest thoughts in retail; as they come off the experts. Take your eye off the shelf, keep it here on Fresh.

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