A Tech reboot: why are fashion companies building their inhouse analytics competencies?   Santosh Kumar     August 14, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , fashion merchandising management , Fashion Retail

This article looks at the various reasons why fashion businesses have moved from the traditional outsourcing model to building up their in-house competencies


5 steps to mastering customer journey focused marketing in retail   Bhavna Sachar     July 30, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , fashion merchandising management , Fashion Retail

Consumer facing businesses are crippled by every-growing touchpoints and siloed systems that don’t speak to each other. A complete overhaul of these legacy technologies isn’t an option – it is cost prohibitive with a long-drawn-out time to value.


5 ways Fashion businesses can increase traffic – online and in-store
5 ways Fashion businesses can increase traffic – online and in-store   Santosh Kumar     July 9, 2018   Blog , Churn management , Customer Analytics , Customer Life-cycle Marketing , Micro-segmentation , Next best offer , Path-to-purchase

This article explores 5 ways fashion businesses can use data and analytics to effectively increase traffic instore and online


Manthan named a Strong Performer in Forrester’s Customer Analytics Wave™ Q2 2018   Bhavna Sachar     June 12, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Marketing , Customer Segmentation , Forrester , Loyalty , Market Segmentation , Marketing Analytics , Marketing Events , Marketing Measurement , Marketing Strategy , Personalization , Real-time Personalization

“Manthan specializes in problems unique to large retailers”, “It does a good job of addressing the three distinct personas in the analytics value chain — business users, data scientists, and data engineers.” -The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018


Advanced analytics in the Restaurant Industry   Santosh Kumar     May 17, 2018   Analytics , Customer Analytics , Marketing Analytics , Restaurant Marketing , Restaurants

The fight over which restaurant gets to satisfy your appetite is surely heating up. With ~$800B sales last year, this is an exciting space to watch, especially now. Customer expectations are at an all-time high and the consumer behavior is simply changing. This article looks at some of the innovative uses of advanced analytics by different restaurant chains across the world.


How The Online Ecommerce Model Is Disrupting CPG   Victoria Greene     April 24, 2018   Analytics , Analytics trends , Blog , Customer Analytics , E-commerce , Retail Analytics

Ecommerce has never really been restricted to high-ticket items, but it’s only through outstanding levels of efficiency and automation that it has finally become a major disruption to the CPG world— and there’s no going back now.


The Unglamorous Truth of Fashion Retailing in 2018   Santosh Kumar     April 18, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Fashion Retail , Pricing Analysis , Retail Analytics

Market analysis suggests that almost 95% of fashion retailers are looking at solving existing challenges and are bullish on solutions that help them solve existential problems and are bearish on AR and VR. This blog explores the reality that is facing fashion retailers in 2018 and what they are doing to combat it.


‘Moneyball’ing data – A closer look at how churn and propensity models work   Santosh Kumar     March 28, 2018   Customer Analytics , Predictive Analytics

As machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc. become mainstream words that are taught in primary schools these days, it pays to fully understand how the system truly makes predictions and prescribes actions that a business should take.


3 Tips to Personalize Retail Newsletters   Santosh Kumar     March 21, 2018   Customer Analytics , customer experience , Customer Journey , Grocery , Personalization , Personalized notifications , Real-time Personalization , Target One

As the industry shifts focus from pushing profitable products and goods to catering to the digitally empowered customer, customer engagement is playing a crucial role in bringing in the moolah.


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