4-point plan to launch or optimize a private label   Santosh Kumar     February 9, 2018   Assortment optimization , Blog , Customer Analytics , Price Optimization , Pricing Analysis , Retail Analytics , Vendor Link

If you are a retailer and looking to launch your own private label/ optimize profits of your existing label, here’s a 4-point plan to get you kickstarted


Counterpunching AmazonGo   Santosh Kumar     January 30, 2018   Customer Analytics , Instore personalization , Mobile , Promotions , Real-time Personalization , Retail Analytics , Target One

At the time of writing this article, there were 10M+ views of the video Amazon made to show the world how it’s done. There have been millions of shares on Facebook and Linkedin, and the retweets ensured almost half the world has already seen the ‘future of retail’.


A day in the store – A bedtime story for retail store operations   Vishanth Ragunath     January 22, 2018   Analytics trends , Customer Analytics , customer experience , Demand Estimation , E-commerce , in store experience , in-store practices , Retail Analytics , Shopper Experience

Engage247 is a smart mobile application is designed to provide retail store teams with real-time insights into operations, single view of their customers for personalized engagement and prescriptive actions that will help them consistently deliver a winning in-store experience.


Amazon vs Rest of the world   Santosh Kumar     December 26, 2017   Analytics , Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Marketing , E-commerce , Marketing Strategy , Retail Analytics

Amazon has 536 Million Products on sale as of now. Not SKUs, products.If Amazon wanted to, it can give one unique product to every single person in all of North America as a Christmas gift and still have the same products on its virtual shelf for the rest of the world to buy.


6 ways AI is helping retailers in real life   Santosh Kumar     December 14, 2017   Analytics trends , Blog , Customer Analytics , Real time Analytics , Retail Analytics , Target One

When E-commerce took off the way it did, every retail pundit predicted the doom of in-store shopping as we knew it. The novelty and glamour associated with in-store shopping were replaced by convenience and never-ending aisles that an e-tailer brought.


The year 2018: Predictions for Convenience Stores   Santosh Kumar     December 1, 2017   Assortment optimization , C-Store , Customer Analytics , customer experience , Customer Segmentation , Data-Driven Marketing , Multichannel Marketing , Omnichannel Retail , Personalization , Price Optimization , Retail Analytics , Single View Of Customer , Supplier Collaboration , Supplier Collaboration in Retail , Supplier Performance , Supply Chain

As the convenience stores segment goes through yet another year of evolution, catering to the new ‘I need everything personalized’ customer is clearly standing out as the biggest differentiator from the competition.


Manthan and Computer World Partnership in MEA – An interview   Santosh Kumar     October 11, 2017   Analytics trends , Retail Analytics , Retail data , retail store analytics

An interview that highlights challenges faced by retailers in the middle east & how Manthan provides required analytics solutions to overcome them.


State Of Customer Experience Today   Sanjay Kupae     September 15, 2017   E-commerce , in-store practices , Retail Analytics , retail customer experience

The retail customer experience has seen a radical shift in the past 5 years. The values attached to better experiences have started to surpass discount incentives offered. Customers have become more digitally aware of what product they are looking for, more expressive and perceptive about product feedbacks, as well as more appreciative and savvy at […]


Fair Price & Importance of Customer Location   Ajith Nayar     September 14, 2017   indoor positioning system , Mobile apps integration , Personalized notifications , Retail Analytics , Retail data

Location has always been an important factor in retail. It is gaining an all new meaning with retailers detecting customer location inside the store and offering range of services to make their trip more enjoyable and engaging.


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