What do Retailers expect from NRF 2020?   administrator     December 11, 2019   Blog , Expert Roundup

It’s that time of year again! Retailers around the world are preparing for the NRF Retail Big Show 2020, and once again Manthan speaks to several retail influencers to find out what they are excited about seeing. This year, Manthan will be talking about Algorithmic Customer Experience at Booth #5747 . But you’ll love to […]


Better late than never – Salesforce acquires Tableau… 3 years after Manthan-Tableau integration   Varij Saurabh     June 19, 2019   Expert Roundup

Manthan is always looking for ways to make data consumption easy and natural for those who need it the most, and are pressed for time. From AI-driven intuitive interfaces to self-serve customizable dashboards, we are constantly pushing the bar to provide the B2C segment insights into their data using our analytics software. In line with […]


Cross channel campaign management – a must for progressive marketers   Bhavna Sachar     June 4, 2019   Campaign Management , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform , Data-Driven Marketing

As a marketer, I understand that customer data management is hard. Add to that varied new and legacy technology stacks, and the challenges increase. Despite understanding what plagues marketing functions, when I am the customer, I get agitated when a business fails to understand my basic preferences. ‘A promotion I receive on text messaging is […]


The six steps to align marketing to customer journey in retail   Amit Rohatgi     April 24, 2019   Blog , customer engagement , customer experience , Customer Journey , Customer Life-cycle Marketing

Plenty has been said about Journey Marketing and it is at the top of the list while evaluating marketing technology today. Rightly so. In a crowded retail landscape, customers have access to options and information from the comfort of their home, and just one below average touchpoint is enough to lose them. Aligning marketing to […]


20 technologies impacting restaurants today   Manthan Editorial Desk     April 22, 2019   Analytics , Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Insights , infographics , Restaurant Marketing , Restaurants

According to the Deloitte Restaurant of the Future Survey, restaurant technology is helping QSRs drive conversions and build customer loyalty.   Step into any fast food or quick service restaurant today, and you’ll find technology has impacted everything from ordering to marketing to operations. Aggressive expansion and competition is now pushing the use of technology […]


5 Mobile Marketing Tactics Your Restaurant Must Deploy This Quarter   Manthan Editorial Desk     April 16, 2019   Analytics , Blog , Campaign Management , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , customer engagement , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Life-cycle Marketing , Marketing Strategy , Personalization , Real-time Personalization , Restaurant Marketing , Restaurant Mobile Apps , Restaurants

According to reports, orders placed via smartphones and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry and makeup nearly 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales by 2020. In 2016, a Nielsen study showed us that millennials are the largest group of smartphone users, as well as the generation that dines out most frequently. In addition […]


Analytics changing restaurant business
10 Ways Analytics is Changing Restaurant Business   Manthan Editorial Desk     April 11, 2019   Analytics , Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Life-cycle Marketing , Personalization , Restaurant Marketing , Restaurants

Restaurant owners are sitting on a ton of data – from employee information to mobile apps, supply chain logistics to touchscreen kiosks, e-commerce numbers to social media reviews.


NRF 2019: Which Retail Experts found what they were looking for?   Manthan Editorial Desk     January 25, 2019   Blog , Expert Roundup , Interview , NRF

Quick follow up with the retail influencers to see if they found what they were looking for at NRF 2019. Click to know what each the retail expert has to say.


INTERVIEW: Grocery Retailers Poised to Reap Benefits of AI   Manthan Editorial Desk     January 14, 2019   groceries , Interview , NRF

Randy Crimmins, EVP/Chief Strategy Officer at Relationshop (formerly GoThink!) shares his expectations with omni-channel marketing, retail technology innovations and AI- driven future of grocery chains


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