Retail Prophet Doug Stephens Interview: The store of the future won’t be a “store”   Ajith Nayar     November 12, 2018   Blog , Customer Centric Retailing , Interview , Retail Analytics

Changes are rampant in the retail industry. Every day we hear of both big brands (and small ones) closing shop or downsizing in an effort to stay lean and competitive. To understand in depth what’s happening in the retail landscape, we spoke to Doug Stephens. Doug is the founder of Retail Prophet, and one of […]


Build or buy a Customer Data Platform? Here’s the answer   Varij Saurabh     October 29, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform , Omni channel retail , Omnichannel Retail , single customer view , Single View Of Customer

Any marketer looking to invest in a CDP will have to grapple with the build vs. buy conundrum. Here we compare the build and buy options, with focus on time to value


What goes into a Customer Data Platform Implementation   Rachna Manwani     October 29, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Data Platform , Customer Insights , Customer Segmentation , Micro-segmentation , Multichannel Marketing , Omni channel retail , Omnichannel Retail , Personalization , Retail data , Retention , single customer view , Single View Of Customer , Third Party Data Providers

A successful CDP program requires cross-functional team effort. This implementation approach note will serve as a handy guide for B2C enterprises looking to ‘buy’ a CDP


The Identity Puzzle in Customer Data Management   Sameer Narula     October 26, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform

In Hindu mythology,  Ravana, the great scholar and demon king, has ten heads, symbolizing his various powers and knowledge.


Move Over Nostradamus: Prescriptive Analytics Takes Control of Customer Engagement   Bhavna Sachar     October 5, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , customer engagement , Next best offer , next-best actions , Prescriptive analytics

Talk about how machine learning can predict and recommend based on various factors. In fashion, decisions such as color, size, fabric, design, style, preferred price range, where to promote are important. Similarly, in grocery, flavour, nutrition, convenience of use, dietary preferences, price point, pack-size, store location are critical attributes that a marketer needs to decipher.


Riding the Rollercoaster: Your Approach to Customer Journey Marketing   Bhavna Sachar     September 18, 2018   Customer Analytics , customer experience , Customer Journey , Customer Marketing , in store experience , infographics

According to the Harvard Business Review it can cost anywhere between five to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.


Why Customer Data Platform Is A Must Have In Retail Today?   Bhavna Sachar     August 30, 2018   Churn management , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Life-cycle Marketing , Customer Marketing

Personalization is daunting as customers today interact with brands through a variety of channels both online and offline. The collection of customer data is scattered in legacy systems – with departments such as sales, marketing and customer service holding information in silos.


Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies. What you need to know.   Ajith Nayar     August 30, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Retail Analytics , Supplier Collaboration

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies 2018 is out, with trends for technology leaders. This year, the Hype Cycle has identified democratized AI as a key trend – products and solutions that “blur the lines between human and machine”. We are pleased that Manthan has found mention in 5 categories in the 2018 Hype Cycle. […]


14 Metrics that Impact Customer Churn in Fashion Retail   Bhavna Sachar     August 27, 2018   Churn management , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Life-cycle Marketing , Customer Marketing

Knowing the metrics that impact your churn can help you better understand why your customers are
disengaged. By identifying potential churners before they leave, retailers can take proactive steps to
neutralize it.


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