Automation and Augmentation of Retail Data and Analytics | NRF 2019   Ajith Nayar     December 12, 2018   Analytics trends , Blog , Customer Centric Retailing , IOT , predictive analytics in retail , Retail Analytics , retail business intelligence , retail customer experience , Retail data , retail intelligence

As data explodes, the human ability to manually explore data, to find out issues or opportunities, and to device tactics to address them, is becoming a thing of the past. Read more to find out how a retailer can adapt to this change.


Analytics & Insights: Interview with rue21’s Chief Analytics Officer, Mark Chrystal   Manthan Editorial Desk     December 6, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Interview

Manthan interviews Mark Chrystal, Chief Analytics Officer at rue21 on the role of analytics, his talk at NRF Big Show and the future of retail.


[Infographic] Why will you attend NRF 2019?   Manthan Editorial Desk     December 4, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , infographics , Retail Analytics , Supplier Collaboration , Target One , Vendor Link

This year at the NRF Retail Big Show 2019, Manthan will be showcasing The Store That Knows. This offers analytics and insights 24×7, giving you smart recommendations while implementing your decisions. All in natural language.


How to assess your data requirements when implementing a Customer Data Platform   Sanjay Kupae     November 23, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform

Customer data is no longer just an analytics requirement, or something used to send out marketing messages – it is the source of critical competitive advantage for a B2C business.


Retail Prophet Doug Stephens Interview: The store of the future won’t be a “store”   Manthan Editorial Desk     November 12, 2018   Blog , Customer Centric Retailing , Interview , Retail Analytics

Changes are rampant in the retail industry. Every day we hear of both big brands (and small ones) closing shop or downsizing in an effort to stay lean and competitive.


Build or buy a Customer Data Platform? Here’s the answer   Varij Saurabh     October 29, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform , Omni channel retail , Omnichannel Retail , single customer view , Single View Of Customer

Any marketer looking to invest in a CDP will have to grapple with the build vs. buy conundrum. Here we compare the build and buy options, with focus on time to value


What goes into a Customer Data Platform Implementation   Rachna Manwani     October 29, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Data Platform , Customer Insights , Customer Segmentation , Micro-segmentation , Multichannel Marketing , Omni channel retail , Omnichannel Retail , Personalization , Retail data , Retention , single customer view , Single View Of Customer , Third Party Data Providers

A successful CDP program requires cross-functional team effort. This implementation approach note will serve as a handy guide for B2C enterprises looking to ‘buy’ a CDP


The Identity Puzzle in Customer Data Management   Sameer Narula     October 26, 2018   Blog , Customer Analytics , Customer Data Platform

In Hindu mythology,  Ravana, the great scholar and demon king, has ten heads, symbolizing his various powers and knowledge.


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