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that delights the Marketer, the Data Scientist and IT
Personalized Marketing

Marketers identify personalization opportunities for real time engagement based on data-driven understanding of customer behavior.

Data Science Analytics

Data scientists get a set of rigorous and sophisticated algorithms out-of-box, while retaining the flexibility to explore data and manage custom algorithms.

Customer Data Warehouse

IT acquires a customer data warehouse and methods to process structured and unstructured data.

Manthan’s sweet spot is advanced customer analytics for retailers. Its robust customer data model underlies prebuilt KPIs and predictive scores, which retailers and other direct-to-consumer brands find alluring.
The Forrester Wave, Customer Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

Businesses looking for unified set of packaged applications supporting a range of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics should consider Manthan.
– Gartner Magic Quadrant BI & Analytics

Customer Analytics Software Benefits


Understanding Path to Purchase | Uncovering purchase intents early | Identifying multi-channel behavior
Achieve Single View of Customer across
Channels – online, stores, marketplaces Devices – mobile, tablets, laptops Interactions – purchase, post, like, feedback, service
Close the loop on marketing ROI through
Campaign lift
Channel performance
Segment productivity
Predict Customer Behavior, trends, preferences to recognize
Next best action
Retention drivers
Up sell & cross sell opportunities


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Unifies data from multiple sources to achieve a Single View of Customer

Consumes data from different sources - transaction systems, channels, touch-points and other unstructured sources

Structures the data along merchandise, customers, marketing events

Enables slice-dice of data to understand context – purchase, preference, triggers, root-cause, history

Unifies data from multiple sources to achieve a Single View of Customer
Across interaction touch points
  • Social channels
  • Devices
  • Research, Customer Feedback & Satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Service centers
Through multiple lenses
  • Historic patterns
  • Response behavior
  • Contextual interactions
Across transaction channels
  • Stores
  • Online
  • Mobile commerce

Out-of-Box Descriptive and Predictive Models

Predictive Analytics Model
Behavioral Clustering
  • Behavioral Clustering
  • Segment customers by demography, purchase behavior, campaing responses and channel prefernces
Recency, Frequency, Monetary
  • Recency, Frequency, Monetary
  • Score customers by purchase behavior
Market Basket Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Identify preffered and non-obvious affinity between products and brands
Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Forecast value of every customer
Churn Prediction
  • Churn Prediction
  • Identify customer who are most likey to churn
Propensity Models
  • Propensity
  • Predict the likelihood of a customer behavior like response to campaign, brand and category adoption

Analyzes customer data to understand and predict behavior

Packages all must-have customer analytic algorithms in an easy to consume way

Natively translates marketing hypothesis into models to make it suitable for use by marketers

Manages multiple models concurrently to support diverse marketing programs

Arms Marketers with actionable insights for closed loop marketing

Helps understanding of customers profiles, purchase behavior and Engagement Preferences

Enables build of micro-segments using combinations of customer attributes, algorithm outputs and product & purchase preferences

Simplifies tracking of campaign lift, channel effectiveness and marketing ROI and bring accountability and agility to campaigns

Out-of-Box Marketing Metrics and Real Time Dashboards

Arms Marketers with actionable insights for closed loop marketing
Role-based analytics
  • Role-based analytics
  • Serves unique needs of marketing and business stakeholders
List Management
  • List Management
  • Prepares targeted list of consumers for marketing campaigns
Algorithm output analysis
  • Algorithm output analysis
  • Instantaneously consumes outputs of algorithms for contextual analysis
Ad-hoc exploration
  • Ad-hoc exploration
  • Enables the use of discovery workbench to perform root cause analysis12
Single version of truth - a source of clean customer data
Advanced platform for data preparation
  • Source of clean, connected, aggreagated customer data
  • Platform for data exploration, hypothesis testing and data prepartion
Customer analytics use-case driven flow for quick development
Easy-to-use Model building workflow
  • Wizard for quick algorithm development
  • In built model accuracy improvement techniques like outlier treatment, missing value treatment, variable significance testing, train and test approach.
Import and run PMML models
Custom model import & management capabilities
  • Ability to import and run PMML models for custom analysiss
  • Execute API based algorithms
Automated customer scoring schedule management
Model publishing layer
  • Automated customer scoring schedule management
  • Marketing execution through advanced list management
  • Publish scores to business user dashboards

Provides Data Scientists with the right platform and flexibility

Leverage customer data model and single view of customer to carve out a slice of clean data for custom analysis

Use easy to build model workflows to experiment with the data and various modeling techniques to build effective models.

Seamlessly import exisiting models using PMML, score customers and publish results

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2 hours to #OmniPresence
Profile your customers. Understand their expectations. Devise cross-sell opportunities. Execute your personalization campaigns. On the customer’s preferred channel.
Customer Analytics Software

13 years of experience translated into packaged applications tailored for specific functions, delivered over the cloud. Ready to use on day 1.


Pre-built connectors and defined processes drive faster self service data loading into a built for analytics marketing data model. Unify data from external and enterprise systems.


Architected for use by business users, with ample self service and on-demand help to accelerate adoption. First analytical view in 2 days.


Customer Data Analytics

No PII (Personal Identifiable Info), Encrypted Blocks, Secure Data in motion and rest

Customer Analytics for Retailer

Secure design and deployment principles, multi-factor authentication

Customer Data Model

Hardened Network, Secure Access, VPN, Multi-layer Authentication

Customer Insights

Physical and environmental security with multi-factor access controls

Customer Churn Management

Standards-based Adaptive Operational Process

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