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Manthan offers you a full suite of professional services that extends your capaibilities across areas of analytical consulting, data extraction and management, and data de-duplication. .

Our team of data scientists help you optimize the algoritms in customer360 and extend them to other areas of marketing analytics such as market mix modeling. Manthan helps you augment, extract, merge, cleanse and load customer data from any structured and unstructured sources.

Analytical Consulting

Our team of data scientists and marketing consultants work with you to help extract the highest value from customer analytics investment. We help you use the advanced algorithms to understand customers, model their behavior and plan targeting strategies. The team spends time with you to understand your unique marketing scenarios, build and maintain models on the platform.

The team also brings extensive experience in developing bespoke models that address your specific needs. Some of the area include media mix modeling & simulation, attribution modeling, social sentiment analysis, A/B testing, search engine optimization, etc.

The unique blend of business and statistical expertise in the team ensures your success.

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Customer Churn Management

Data extraction and management

Our Big Data and data warehousing experts become an extension to your current IT strength and ensure that the latest and best quality data is available in the platform to drive analytics. We help you streamline data extraction and loading from all source systems, manage exceptions such as failover, back-up recovery and data refresh. We ensure that the data in the Customer360 platform is in-sync with your source systems, and monitor day-to-day health of data connectors.

With master data management (MDM) services you can benefit from the best practices in data stewardship and governance. We can help you set-up & manage master data repository, data attributes and their relationships by synchronizing across various data sources.

We have deep expertise working with a variety of source systems and have ready connectors for most industry-standard platforms.

Data cleansing and enhancement

Our data enhancement team can help you improve the quality of data and streamline the processes of data audit and cleaning. The team helps you de-duplicate customer ids across different channels and data sources – an essential step towards achieving single view of the customer. We also help create unique household ids by merging similar customer ids using fuzzy data matching algorithms.

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