Customer Data Platform

Aggregate data from first and third party data sources and manage it effectively to get a better understanding of every customer.

ML Algorithms

Build customer personas, uncover marketing opportunities and deliver personalized recommendations.

Omnichannel Personalization

Target customers effectively with relevant and contextual communication across all engagement channels - in real time or planned.

Data and Technology Ecosystem

Digital targeting made easy through our curated partners for identity resolution, data enrichment and ad serving.

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use cases

Hyper targeting

Leverage cross channel behaviour, advanced analytics and 3rd party data sources to build micro segments that help you hyper target every customer

Marketing Analytics and Attribution

Accurately measure the revenue lift of your campaigns, channels and offers and get a holistic view of your marketing effectivness.

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Lifecycle Marketing

Segment customers based on their engagement lifecycle, track change in behavior over time and target them with campaigns that modify behavior.

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In-Aisle Targeting

Recognise customer behavior and preferences, and identify them when their inside the store and the aisle they are in and send targeted promotions to influence purchase behavior.

Customer lifetime value

Measure the value of every customer to identify marketing opportunities and devise look-alike customer acquisition campaigns.

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Web Personalization

Personalize the experience of customers when they visit your website. Recommend best offers and products, recommend products bought together, hot selling products etc based on personas, browsing history and past purchases

App Personalization

Personalize the experience of customers with your mobile app. Send geo relevant offers, best offer set, shopping and wish list based offers.

Newsletter Personalization

Dynamically present offer and content on newsletters, through our recommendation engine, using customer attributes such as homestore and lifestyle

Our Products


Manthan Customer360 is a cloud-based customer analytics solution that enables marketers with a unified view of the customer by aggregating and analyzing their transaction, loyalty and campaign data from conventional and digital channels. Customer360 integrates context with behavioral insights to create ideal responses for every customer interaction. With descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive algorithms, Customer360 allows the marketer to understand customers’ purchase and digital behavior. The marketer can create ideal responses for every customer interaction, personalize and target contextually to improve marketing ROI.

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Manthan TargetOne is a cloud-based SaaS solution that serves as a centralized, integrated personalization platform that maintains customer profiles across all touch points. TargetOne delivers increased purchases, loyalty and marketing ROI by enabling marketers to have 1:1 dialog with shoppers.

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