Reimagine Customer Obsession

Make your customer the focus of every merchandise, marketing, store and supply chain decision and use artificial intelligence powered prescriptions to take the right decision for your customers, every time.

AI and Prescriptive Analytics in retail

Machine powered analysis of large disparate data to surface best action

Prescriptive Pricing

Simulate and decide the best price for every product, in every region, based on historic price elasticity, competitor activities, and market trends.

Offer Recommendation

Machine learning algorithms automate the analysis of customer personas, past purchases, and historic marketing engagement, to choose the right offer for every customer.

Channel Recommendation

System automatically selects the right channel, across email, social, text apps, and touch frequency to ensure the highest response for every campaign.

Out of Shelf Corrections

System senses the sales performance in real time to recognize when an item is likely to be out of shelf and alerts store associates in real time to take corrective actions.

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