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Store Operations: True customer-centricity, is decision-making in the aisles.

The aisles is where you can see and feel the real impact of retail analytics. Unfortunately, this is where you are least likely to find it. With Store Analytics from Manthan, real-time intelligence can be made available to roles involved. And now, with ARC on tablets and smartphones, managing the store becomes so much easier. Enterprise licensing for Store Analytics also ensures that you can have Store Analytics in every hand – adding to your profitability and customer satisfaction.

Store Operations Benefits


Improved customer service: Helps reduce out-of-stocks, which increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Greater revenue, higher profits: Ensures proper inventory levels for popular and promotional items, which drives sales and increases profitability.

Role-based, easy to use: Interfaces and dashboards are specific to each role and can easily be modified.

Affordable: Enterprise licensing means you can roll out Store Analytics to as many desks, iPads and smartphones as you wish.

Store Operations


Work management and scheduling: Enables managers to appropriately schedule store associates, balance labor to high priority areas that need attention.

Workforce daily time recording: Workflow based daily time tracking and check-in and check-out processes for store associates, vendor staff and agency staff, integrated with workforce scheduler.

Store performance, employee motivation: Allows stores and associates to see real-time views on their performance.

Promotion effectiveness: Ensures that promotions are set up correctly, with the right inventory levels, and with an opportunity for effective outcomes including happy customers.

Clienteling / Guided Selling: Enhance customer experience inside the store with assisted selling and personalized product recommendations.

Loss prevention: Highlight 'hot items' and ensures proper placement within the store to prevent loss.

Sales Audit: Evaluate POS transactions against the set parameters Identify errors and any suspicious data down to the sku level.


With Store Analytics, you have greater control over every aspect of what goes on between the aisles. With the right products on the right shelves thanks to predictive analysis, you are ensured of customer satisfaction and loyalty. At your end as well, managing the store becomes a much easier effort and you are in a position, daily, to monitor exactly how the store is performing, your associates are performing and your bottom-line is performing.