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KFC Canada selects Restaurant Analytics Solution from Manthan
Enters long-term partnership to drive digital transformation


Drive Digital Transformation
Unified enterprise and customer data
Rich and contextual decisioning
Algorithmic & automated experiences

Manthan's Modern Analytics Platform
deployed across 400+ Pizza Hut outlets in the UK


Benefits for Data-Driven QSR Businesses

360 degree views of your customers
Operational efficiencies with deep analytical insights
Real-time personalized customer engagement

How Data-Driven QSRs Transform and Thrive

In the Restaurant (QSR) industry, your customer base can disappear as fast as you can flip a burger. To keep them coming back for more, you need to become an agile and responsive digital business that not only understands granular changes in demand, but also has the ability to respond at every level, from back-office operational capabilities to delivering the right customer experiences. Superior decision-making and data-driven business orchestration are the foundation to making a digital transformation.

Manthan’s SaaS-based Restaurant Analytics Solutions are built for the restaurant industry, can improve guest experience, optimize operational efficiencies, recommend menu combinations based on customer insight, identify promotions that drive traffic, analyze and optimize various factors that impact overall sales. All this, automated in real-time, and powered by algorithms & AI.

Our Solutions

Customer Excellence

Manthan’s analytics offering that is built for the restaurant industry, can increase customer engagement by predicting what will appeal to them, what menu combos will work, which promotions will drive traffic and how feedback scores will impact overall sales. All this, in real-time.

Omni-channel Demand
Guest Experience
Customer Insights
Marketing & CRM

Operational Excellence

Manthan’s Restaurant Analytics analyzes key operational metrics such as delivery time, cooking time, store efficiencies, labor, and more. This AI-powered intelligence empowers you to make real-time, fact-based decisions resulting in straight-through top and bottom-line impacts.

Menu & Services

Only 25% of restaurants feel confident in their use of data and analytics.

This means that though they may have excellent food and services, they fail to unearth the opportunities from a data first strategy.

Manthan has helped leading QSR brands adopt analytics with ease

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What analytics can do for your restaurant business

Create the most relevant micro-segments for personalized marketing

Prescribe targeted product recommendations to increase check size

Increase adoption and usage of your mobile app

Convert customers in various abandonment situations

Predict the best promotion and channel for each customer
Compare same store sales to last week/ month/ year

Inform what menu items are selling the most during specific day parts

Map the impact of customer satisfaction on sales

Predict number of delivery people needed during a day part

Forecast the hourly demand for a given pizza and toppings combination


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