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Algorithmic Customer Experience &
Operational Excellence for QSRs

Learn how we future proof QSRs with an algorithmic approach


Key benefits for quick service restaurants

360 degree views of your customers
Manthan provides a unified, 360° view of your customers and business by connecting data across POS, Back-of-House Systems, Online Ordering, Mobile, Customer Feedback, Email Campaigns, Store Audit, HR & LMS, store Development and third-party data
Operational efficiencies with deep analytical insights
Manthan's advanced analytics and insights covering real-time visibility into sales ,inventory, operations & menu mix performance, Machine learning driven sales forecast, basket analysis, customer segmentation, propensity, & CLTV
Real-time personalized customer engagement
Manthan helps marketing leaders orchestrate personalized, omni-channel ordering journeys, at scale. And empowers business leaders with real-time, actionable insights through an intuitive tool
Manthan is an advanced technology partner of AWS offering travel and hospitality solutions. Together, we offer best in class marketing and operations solutions to help QSRs transform into data-driven algorithmic enterprises that can quickly adapt and serve the rapidly evolving needs and high expectations of their customers.

By combining Manthan’s domain expertise and AWS’s Infrastructure, computing strength backed by world class support, travel and hospitality businesses can consistently deliver differentiated customer experiences, drive higher profitability and optimize their operations.
" Being on AWS is a strategic choice for Manthan - time to market is critical for us and our customers. The cloud offers us agility, scalability and security that B2C require without the hassle of long set-up time and expensive hardware commitments. "

- Vijay Chidambaram, Head of cloud engineering at Manthan


Customer Excellence

Manthan’s analytics offering that is built for the restaurant industry, can increase customer engagement by predicting what will appeal to them, what menu combos will work, which promotions will drive traffic and how feedback scores will impact overall sales. All this, in real-time.

Omni-channel Demand
Guest Experience
Customer Insights
Marketing & CRM

Operational Excellance

Manthan’s Restaurant Analytics analyzes key operational metrics such as delivery time, cooking time, store efficiencies, labor, and more. This AI-powered intelligence empowers you to make real-time, fact-based decisions resulting in straight-through top and bottom-line impacts.

Menu & Services

Case Studies

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