Get to know what’s happening in retail and CPG analytics.

3 tips to master personalized retail promotions
Innovative personalized promotion strategies for retailers through Retail Analytics. Retail promotions through social media and mobile engagements.
3 tips to cash in on cross-channel data collaboration
Today, shoppers want a seamless retail experience across different channels. Retailers and suppliers need to share cross-channel data to provide a unified and targeted shopping experience.
3 Tips to offer better self service retail
Multi channel retailing is blending 'online' and 'digital' with 'brick and mortar' and 'in store' -- to offer shoppers a range of self service retail options.
3 Tips to get the best out of your customer data
Why should retailers be wary of outsourcing their customer data management activity? Data security, no 'big picture' and delayed response to queries are some issues you might face.
3 ways non-sales data can help predict customer behavior
Retailer marketers need to look beyond transactional data if they want to understand customers better. Multi-channel retail touch points have opened the floodgates to track 'pre-transaction' data like social media product curation and campaign response metrics.
3 tips to personalize shopping experiences for SoLoMo customers
Channel based shopping is slowly becoming obsolete. Shopping experiences are no longer restricted to physical, brick-and-mortar shops - it's all about seamless retailing.
5 Tips to Energize Your Loyalty Program
Customer loyalty programs are helping retailers to increase customer loyalty, gain shopper insights and forge long-lasting customer relationships at every opportunity.
3 ways predictive analytics is shaping retail merchandising decisions
Predictive models and forecasts based on retail analytics of early sales data and market behavior are guiding retail decision-making on production, buying and assortment planning.
3 smart merchandising strategies to win at the retail game
Analytics-driven retail merchandising strategies help retailers to improve merchandise planning and take smarter assortment and retail merchandise decisions.
Top 3 Grocery Retail Strategies using better shopper insights
Grocery analytics helps grocery retailers gain a closer understanding of shopper behaviour enabling them to optimize stocks and profits.
4 Retail Roles where Mobile BI is making a difference
Mobile Business Intelligence and Mobile Analytics is changing the way retailers are making decisions on the go and competing in today's retail industry.
4 steps to make your vendor scorecards a long term, strategic tool
Vendor scorecards offer concrete metrics for supplier reviews, Joint Business Plans and supplier collaboration transforming retailer-supplier relations to a strategic partnership.
4 ways in which modern actionable BI is empowering you to do more
New trends in Retail Analytics and Actionable Intelligence offer retailers business information and scientific ways to reach the best business outcomes.
5 simple ways to improve retail customer experience
Superior retail customer experience and personalized shopping experience is becoming the new differentiator for global retail customers. Retailers are customizing store experiences and building personalized customer engagement models to connect and build loyalty among retail customers.
5 ways that your store operations can create superior customer service stories
Retail store operations, retail store design and advanced retail distribution systems are critical to offer seamless customer service in multichannel retail models.
Retail Business Intelligence: Moving from View Points to ActionPoints
New analytic applications are helping retailers with actionable intelligence, operational BI and actionable analytics with an emphasis on timely action across retail business situations.
5 Changing customer needs met by cool mobile apps
Retailers are focusing on mobile retailing strategies such as mobile marketing and retail mobile applications to gain greater customer loyalty.
5 steps to Improve your Multichannel Operations
successful Multichannel Retailing strategies. Today Multichannel Analytics for Retailers focus on providing Advanced Customer Analytics insights and help towards customer centric merchandising across channels.
6 ways to get the most out of Market Basket Analysis
Whether its optimizing assortments or planning better promotions, merchandisers are finding new ways to drive growth with specialized analytic techniques like product affinity and market basket analysis. Learn how you can benefit.
RFM analysis for customer segmentation and loyalty marketing
RFM analysis is a customer segmentation model for improved customer loyalty and loyalty marketing. Simple and easy to use, RFM analysis is becoming a popular customer segmentation tool for retailers.
5 things to watch out for in Product Rationalization  
Improve your Product Rationalization strategy to have profitable product assortments and satisfied customers.
6 reasons why Supplier Collaboration in Retail is gaining ground  
Discover how Supplier Collaboration in retail brings in efficient processes and optimized performance.
5 techniques to make RFM Analysis work for you  
Learn how RFM Analysis can help you achieve higher conversions and click throughs for loyalty marketing campaigns.
CIO Speak - Haggen Inc.  
Listen to Harrison Lewis, (CIO, Haggen Inc.) sharing his vision for business intelligence, as well as his experience with the ARC Retail Performance Management solution.