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Is your Finance Department still in the other building?

No retail organization's analytics capability is truly complete without finance analytics. With Finance Analytics, you bridge the (often distant) gap between the financial performance of a retail organization and the operational performance drivers. Here's a performance management platform that truly supports you in cash flow analysis, enhanced financial performance and cost control. And when all of this is directly linked to operations, you also see increased sales and profitability. Financial Analytics also addresses roles across finance like the CFO, Financial Planners and Analysts, and Financial Controllers.

Finance Analytics

Key benefits

  • Real-time view of financial situation
  • Identification of profitability trends
  • Identification of profitable and loss-making groups
  • Identify variances immediately for corrective action
  • Alignment with operations
  • Comparisons over time
  • Quick ratio or acid test look at liquidity
Finance Analytics


Profit & Loss Analysis: Provides profit and loss analysis, variances and identifies profitability trends over time.

Cash Flow Analysis: Examine components of organization that affect cash flow and support real-time cash flow analysis.

Balance Sheet Analysis: Compare changes over time, see percentage liability of separate account groups.

Fixed Asset Analysis: Analyze financial viability of fixed assets owned or leased by company.

And more: Instant income, expenditure and revenue analyses, comparisons, planned income vs. actual income, income variances....


With the addition of Financial Analytics, your retail organization gets truly enabled. You will be able to identify the slightest variation to plans and goals and take immediate corrective action at the operations level. This alignment of operational drivers with financial performance and goals provides you the ability to turn around quickly and enhance sales and profitability.