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Customer Centric Merchandising: Inside Out. Manthan Makes Exceptional Customer Experiences An Everyday Affair For Retailers

With advanced retail analytics and customer behavioral insights embedded into assortment, pricing, allocation and promotion processes, retailers can boost incremental sales by 3 to 6%.

Manthan, the Big Data & Analytics provider of choice for consumer connect industries worldwide, enables retailers to drive superior omnichannel customer experiences, by shifting from product centric to customer centric merchandising strategies.  

Gartner included Manthan as a sample vendor for Customer Centric Merchandising and Marketing in the 2016 Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies1 and the 2016 Hype Cycle for Customer Analytics Applications2.

“Retailers recognize the need to keep the customer at the centre of their merchandising strategies, primarily due to the digital and omnichannel revolution. They must intuitively plan assortments at the store level and have the ability to fine tune pricing and offers as per customer behaviour and shopping patterns, almost in real-time.” explains, Seema Agarwal, Vice President, Retail Analytics, Manthan.

The award winning, packaged Retail Analytics solution integrates multichannel customer data and utilizes it contextually in the merchandising processes, with advanced real-time analytics. Retailers can thus go beyond customer focused, brand centric personalization and adopt true customer centricity.

“Manthan uniquely enables retailers to seamlessly bridge the gap between discovery, informed decision making and execution of customer centric merchandising strategies” Seema added.

  • Real-time insights

Retailers can gain real-time insights with rich visualizations, into pricing, inventory planning and promotion allocation strategies across stores, driven by best in class retail analytics.

  • Comprehensive view of merchandise and customer segments

By integrating data from multiple sources, including structured, unstructured, historical, geographic, and census data, retailers are able to define product merchandise profiles based on customer segments, across channels. This results in identification of missed opportunities across product, pricing, promotion, placement and sales.

  • Seamless move from analysis and insights to execution

Armed with intuitive, yet, advanced analytical models, retailers can offer localized merchandise assortment mixes, optimize pricing strategies and execute innovative multichannel campaigns; without depending on IT teams.

With its cloud based analytics portfolio and SaaS based subscription models, Manthan has been a pioneer in democratizing analytics, and was voted as the #1 vendor for Tier One retailers in the RIS Software Leaderboard.