• Lack of customer insights
    in the merchandising process is the
    #1 merchandising challenge.

    EKN Customer Centric Merchandising
    Benchmark Report

Enable the shift from
Product Centric to Customer Centric Merchandising
See how

The retail-specific capabilities of Manthan
Retail Analytics and its best practice approach gave us the ability
to move much faster than we would have been able to do
with more generic solutions.


Manthan Retail Analytics
Analysis to Actionable Insights to Execution

Listed in the 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies

Gain a comprehensive
of your customers

  • Achieve a single view of your customer across channels, devices and interactions
  • Uncover purchase intent and predict customer behaviour with advanced analytical algorithms

Analyze merchandise
performance in context
of customer profiles.

Pre-built KPIs & analytical views

  • Purchase behaviour
  • Product preferences
  • Price sensitivity
  • Promotion response

Gain insights on impact
of geo-demographic trends
to merchandise strategy

  • Pre-built analytics on data mashups of geo-spatial & census data with your retail
    business data
  • Discover potential customers and focus on desired customer segments

Use data science to
predict and prescribe
decisions and actions

  • Pre-built advanced analytical models for customer driven assortment optimization
  • Offer better merchandise to local customers

Manthan Retail Analytics recommends corrective action
to enable customer centric merchandising.

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  • 100+ retailers, 22 countries. And even the analysts agree!
  • Fashion, Grocery, Specialty, Omnichannel. Tailored solutions for the challenges of each.
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