Insight or Analytics? Learn the Secrets of Successful Fashion Retail.
Successful retailers can accurately predict outcomes prior to the season and utilize effective in-season tactics to address the unexpected. How do they accomplish this? Is it insight or analytics?
These best-in-class retailers are using data-driven strategies to positively impact their bottom-line. This includes deploying predictive analytics to optimize the 5Ps of fashion retail, from pricing and promotions through product, people and placement.
Learn how these retailers minimized their losses and maximized their profits today.
  1. Understand and predict customer buying behavior
  2. Engage customers effectively across channels
  3. Optimize your marketing budgets
  4. Attribute sales value to each marketing channel


    Retail Analytics is a ready-to-use analytics solution built exclusively for retail. It spans the entire analytics spectrum - Discovery, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive.

    Delivers Pre-Configured metrics and analytic views organized by retail functions, roles.

    Empowers business analysts with Data Exploration.

    Embeds Predictive Analytics into every buying, allocation and inventory decision.