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How can Maya transform your business?


“Here’s what I can do for you.”

“Interact with Manthan’s Analytics suite through me. I can sift through millions of data points, analyze them using sophisticated analytics models and respond with answers in seconds! I’m also learning continuously to improve recommendations as we go along.”

With Maya, you can interact with Manthan’s Analytics suite on the go. This creates new users and unbelievably new usages for Analytics.

Maya’s Causality Model uses Machine Learning and Neural networks to predict and explain cause and effect.

“I make analytics accessible to all.”

A simple conversational interface, ensures that everyone can use Maya and benefit from the most informed insights analytics can provide. In addition, Maya understands roles and provides personalized, contextual answers.

I make analytics accessible to all.
I can help you dress better for work

“I can help you dress better for work.”

A conversational interface means that Mr. CEO can get the Business summary for the day as he dresses for work. No logging in, no drill-downs, just ask.

“And here’s how I am wired.”

Built into Manthan’s Analytics platform, Maya leverages into Manthan’s Analytics Platform and leverages Natural Language Processing and Intent Analysis to process any natural language query and respond with appropriate, contextual, personalized answers.

Maya uses Manthan’s semantic data model and analytical assets that have been developed over years and is the industry’s richest.

Maya is voice enabled for Amazon Alexa.

And here’s how I am wired
Michael Deittrick
Global CTO, Retail & Consumer Industries, CSC

“This is the most awesome thing I have seen at NRF and if there was a best demo award, this would be #1”

Lynette Albury
Director of I.T. from AML foods in Bahamas

“Maya embodies cutting edge innovation in the delivery of analytical information..... I simply fell in love with Maya.”

Rakesh Biyani
Jt. Managing Director, Future Group

“Just conversing with complex business systems and receiving AI powered insights into the business from anywhere is a giant leap forward in decision making on the go.. This is amazing from Manthan!”

Joe Skorupa
Editorial Director, RIS News

“Manthan becomes the first retail analytics provider to enable use of a natural language voice interface called “Maya” to go with its analytics software.”

Manthan Artificial Intelligence Labs

Manthan AI Labs was ​formed in early 2015 with a few key objectives. Manthan wanted to pioneer the move to Zero touch UIs, voice-based AI-powered systems and engineer a paradigm shift in user interactions with complex business systems. Manthan also wanted to offer a full range of AI-powered analytics, enable new classes of users and drive new analytics usage for consumer focused businesses. The 30 member Manthan AI team has since heavily focused its R&D efforts around Intent Analysis, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), deep learning for personalization of conversations, machine learning using neural networks for anomalies detection and causality engines apart from user security using voice biometrics

Manthans Artificial Intelligence Labs focuses on applying latest advancement in AI to retail and consumer industries.

At Manthan we believe that AI is the future of decision making and we are backing it with the best people and technologies.

Manthan AI Labs boasts of industry's richest semantic model. It leverages the best of NLP, voice recognition and intent analysis.

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