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Supplier Collaboration Software: Technology Overview

Under the hood

Vendor Link is architected on Manthan's tested analytics platform. It comes with years of Manthan's experience with over 170 Retail and CPG organizations across the most evolved retail markets in 21 countries worldwide.

Vendor Link boasts an analytics-driven collaboration engine that is architected with retail specific workflows, for visibility and decision-support.Directly impact profitability with the only retail specific All-in-One supplier collaboration platform.

Vendor Link Platform Overview


Experience to back up the technology

Retailers can opt for Implementation (data-on boarding) and Integration Services.

Work with a team of retail experts from Manthan who have experience in supplier collaboration with some of the world's biggest names in retail.

Our Services team ensures that Vendor Link integrates with existing systems, reducing both deployment time and TCO.

supplier collaboration

Managed Services

Supplier Outreach Program - Manthan’s sales team will diligently contact and on-board your vital supplier network on to the solution portal.

Multilingual Help Desk - Our multilingual Help Desk manages queries from suppliers across multiple geographies. It supports end-users on features and navigation support and product upgrades – ensuring optimum benefits of the application.

Consulting - We extend specific consulting services to help you implement industry best practices and address gaps in your supply chain performance, helping you develop your supply chain as a competitive differentiator.

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