Customer Marketing: Predict, personalize and profit on your way to achieving complete customer-centricity.

The Customer Analytics portfolio enables marketers to execute 1-1 personalized engagement based on data-driven understanding of customer behavior.  Deployed as a SaaS solution, the products integrate context with behavioral insights to create ideal responses for every customer interaction. 

Analytics-driven personalization

Customer360 gives you a comprehensive profile of each customer and enables you to target the right customer at the right time with the right media mix and drive one-to-one engagement across conventional and digital channels.

Built on a Big Data platform, Customer360 is engineered to crunch structured and unstructured data (sourced from transactions, loyalty program, stores, social media, mobile, website, online and offline campaigns) to generate customer insights. It enables marketers to put product affinity, campaign propensity, churn prediction, segmentation and customer scoring to work to increase store visits, identify cross-sell and / or up-sell opportunities. Using the personalization engine capability, marketing teams can drive customer engagement via preferred communication channels and execute personalized offers.

Mobility engagement

The last mile in personalization is communicating with customers when they want to hear from you. And that's what Loyalty247 does for you. A mobile engagement platform, Loyalty247 employs analytics to deliver targeted marketing and communication to your customers' smartphones. It creates a repository of all your promotions and offers on your customer's phone and delivers personalized coupons and preference-based ads. It integrates with social media platforms for customers to share their favorite offers with friends. Using geo-fencing it allows you to target customers at the best time and place.

As a mobile engagement platform, it is extensible to be a portal for your loyalty program and a channel to test market new products, pricing, packaging and creatives.

Key benefits

Drive engagement and relevance:
Understand customer behavior across channels and use that insight to engage with customers with relevant messages. You can treat every customer context as a dynamic trigger to intelligently and uniquely respond to customer interactions based on past behavior, like-for-like patterns, and marketing priorities. Engage customers on their smartphones with notifications on promotions and personalized offers

Expand share of wallet:
Encourage cross-category cross-brand purchases; uncover non-trivial opportunities to expand range, category and brand penetration, accelerate new product adoption based on an understanding on customer lifestyles and life stages, and behaviors.

Increase basket value:
Maximize spend per visit during every real and virtual footfall by negating ‘cherry picking’ behavior amongst loyal customers;; identify underlying category, brand and product adoption propensities and price sensitivity behavior to drive customer-specific up-sell and new-product introduction campaigns.

Reduce churn:
Recognize disengagement amongst customers and take proactive actions to mitigate churn risk; predict customers that are likely to churn and identify the right mix of offers and channel strategies to proactively engage with these at-risk customers to regain loyalty.


  • Profitable Segmentation: Classify customers into homogenous groups based on their history and demographics to increase revenue opportunities.
  • Market Basket Analysis: Identify product affinities with and across segments easily
  • Churn Prediction:Identify customers with probability to churn and target them with relevant offers to improve retention.
  • Campaign propensity: Make your campaigns more efficient – both in terms of budget and effectiveness.
  • RFM Analysis: Score customers, regularly, on recency, frequency and monetary value. Rank customers based customer’s shopping activity
  • Recommendation Engine: Identify the best offers to send to a customer using collaborative filtering.
  • Target List Management: Enable pre-configured and ad-hoc list generation to deliver personalized promotions through multiple channels
  • Geo-location Based Offers: Trigger promotions based on customers’ proximity to store.
  • Multi-channel marketing execution: Send offers and communication to customers across multiple channels (e.g.: email, SMS, social)