New Guide: Integrating Interactions with Multi Channel Customer Marketing

Multi-channel Customer Marketing

When your customer glides from one channel to the next, does she encounter a different experience? Unfortunately, with most businesses today, this is the case. The problem stems from the way channels are designed and maintained.Most consumer businesses have different marketing teams managing different marketing channels with different messages and offers – largely to the extent  that customers have a wildly different experience when they interact with multiple channels throughout their path-to-purchase. True masters of multi-channel management do four things right. The first is to understand the customer’s unique journey – across all channels. For the other three essentials for multi channel marketing success, download the Manthan’s recent whitepaper: 4 Steps to Marketing Nirvana.

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Author- Sanjay Kupae

Sanjay Kupae
Sanjay Kupae is Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Customer Analytics at Manthan. Sanjay is an analytics enthusiast, focused promoting structured and unstructured analytics solutions that help businesses understand and engage their customers better. Sanjay is passionate about marketing strategy, business development, messaging, marketing analytics and multi-channel campaign execution. Sanjay has a BE in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore University and a MBA in Strategy from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Follow Sanjay on Twitter @skupae

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