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  • Manthan is an excellent fit for our organization. We surveyed 10 providers prior to making a decision and Manthan scored the highest based on our criteria. Their customer service is exceptional.

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Why Retailers (Love) Manthan?

Complete range of analytics capabilities designed around decision lifecycles and not just decision points

Retail Analytics for All

Manthan’s portfolio of Analytics are designed to democratize Analytics by providing a comprehensive set of packaged analytics applications built for all retail business roles and functions from the Merchandiser to the Analyst who will profit from it.


With Manthan’s ‘SwitchOn’ strategy, you can be up and running in days. The low TCO and high ROI model gets Retailers on the path to profit quickly, without breaking the bank

Advanced Analytics

The embedded advanced Analytics capabilities in key business processes helps users get insights, recommendation and visualize impact of their decisions for tangible results.

Manthan, a pioneer in Analytics and Big Data has three different solutions for the Retail industry

Retail Analytics

An advanced Retail Analytics solution for multichannel retailers that helps them optimize merchandising, sales and operational strategies across their POS and distribution channels and facilitates decision making aligned to Customer preferences and geographies.

Customer Analytics

Retailers can get an analytics driven, unified view of their customer based on Channels, devices and interactions, uncover purchase behavior, trends and preferences to derive actionable insights for closed loop marketing.


Target One makes real time personalization across all digital channels a reality for marketers with contextual and real time targeting capabilities.

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