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Innovating with Merchandising Analytics

charming charlie, an award-winning retailer, selected Manthan’s Retail Analytics to support a “single version of the truth” across multiple business units, including merchandising, assortment planning, buying and allocation, store operations, planning and finance. The Merchandise Analytics solution is exclusively designed to deliver real-time merchandise and performance insights across the retail enterprise, at charming charlie. “With Manthan, it’s a complete transformation in how we analyze data”, says Sr. Director of IT, Jay Nayak.

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Jogging ahead of the multi-channel customer.
Jogging ahead of the multi-channel customer.

Determining each customer’s preferred channel is not easy. But without that, your attempts to personalize and win don’t stand a chance either. In the Manthan Fashion Suite, a combination of eCommerce Analytics and TargetOne - Manthan’s personalization app with location and notification engine - ensures that you can identify and reach customers on channels they prefer. Identify promotions and products that really drive growth and channels that generate the best margins to focus all your energies on winning combinations.

Fighting showrooming in the showroom.
Fighting showrooming in the showroom.

While retailers now recognize showrooming as acceptable customer behavior, some brands have identified ways to use this phenomenon to their advantage. With the Loyalty247 mobile vault in the Fashion Suite, you can offer your customers, while they are in your store, offers they can’t refuse. When it is combined with the clear view of customer preferences provided by Customer360, what your customers are faced with is this - personalized offers on product or categories they prefer, while they are in your store. Irresistible.

Know who’ll buy what this season. And the next.
Know who’ll buy what this season. And the next.

Predictive analytics becomes even more important in a business like fashion. Alongside new collections, you also have to account for change in customer behavior, buying patterns and such. Which is where Customer360, with an analysis of historical data on your customer and current trends, can tell you who is likely to buy what when. In addition to informing you of preferred channels. Anticipate opportunity, every day and every season.

  • Optimize buying, selling, pricing, assortment, placement.
  • Manage product lifecycle pricing, sell-through and optimize markdowns.
  • Identify top-sellers to buy and promote better.
  • Anticipate and address out-of-stock before sales loss.
  • Compare sales, margins, return rates by vendor/products.
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  • Combination of Manthan’s Customer Analytics products - Customer360 and Loyalty247.
  • Capitalize on customer data to get unified view of customer topography.
  • Know who’s buying what, where, how and when.
  • Design optimized, personalized promotions.
  • Send personalized, location and preference based offers with Loyalty247, the mobile vault.
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  • Winning combination of eCommerce Analytics and TargetOne.
  • Have regular, personalized engagement with customers across channels.
  • Identify products, promotions and pricing that drive growth / need change.
  • Determine channels and products that generate best and worst sales/margins/return rates.
  • Optimize associated promotional offers.
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  • Get clear view of traffic and transaction patterns by day/hour.
  • Enhance risk management to reduce losses by store, associate and products.
  • Optimize labor and minimizing costs to increase growth by over 5% annually.
  • Role-based guided analytics for functions across your store and chain.
  • Unique, execution enablement module.
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The Manthan Fashion Suite is designed to provide specific analytics configurations for all levels of decision-makers across the organization. With complete data security controls, you can be assured that the right person in your organization is viewing the right data at the right time.

Other analytics solutions provide information. Manthan provides comprehensive insights. The Manthan Fashion Suite provides a wizard-approach to the query process, which guides the user through a series of steps and screens to guarantee a holistic view of the business, leaving no stone unturned. Get your team on the same page, whether it’s for a pricing review, quarterly in-store performance evaluation or your company’s unique business process.

Manthan 3rdi, is a leap for retail analytics. From information and decision-support, analytics now gets into implementation. With 3rdi in the Manthan Fashion Suite, you can assess situations, identify opportunities, simulate alternative courses of action, make informed choices, get approvals and then, implement it through your execution system. Simulation, workflow and automated integration into the retail execution system takes you from knowing about opportunities to acting on opportunities, instantly.

Your team is not stationed in your store all the time. With Manthan Mobility, comprehensive insights are available at the fingertips of your entire retail team, whether at their desks or on-the-go. Full application access is available with any device, regardless of mobile platform. With exception-based alerts delivered via email or SMS, Manthan Mobility provides a convenient analytics solution for everything retail - everywhere.

It’s not just about understanding how you’re performing, but how you’re performing relative to plan across the entire lifecycle of retail processes. The Manthan Fashion Suite provides pre-built analytic applications and scorecards to set performance objectives, monitor progress and alert you of potential issues. All to help you improve performance in your retail organization.

Use the advanced statistical models available with the Manthan Fashion Suite to perform product rationalization, product affinity analysis, market basket analysis, customer churn modeling, customer segmentation, RFM modeling and sales forecasting.

Achieve optimal results with a shared understanding across roles in addition to coordination in planning and implementation. Ideal for processes requiring complex decision-making, collaborative decision-making features in the Manthan Fashion Suite provide for root cause analysis, course corrections, brainstorming and consensus-driven actions. Decision workflows, supported by enterprise messaging, ensure that all parties are aligned and progressing toward optimal performance.

The Fashion Suite offers a range of context-specific visualization capabilities for users to discover opportunity areas and trouble zones. Heat Maps, Product Carousels, Tree Maps, Strategy Maps and other features highlight key areas that require and enable quick decision-making. With Manthan Fashion Suite, track all business initiatives at the strategic, tactical and operational level on a single screen, across individual, departmental or enterprise performance. Key metrics are delivered in a visually appealing and intuitive interface for a holistic understanding that can help drive faster insights and help you react faster to business opportunities.

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