Insight or Analytics? Learn the Secrets of Successful Fashion Retail.

Successful retailers can accurately predict outcomes prior to the season and utilize effective in-season tactics to address the unexpected. How do they accomplish this? Is it insight or analytics?

These best-in-class retailers are using data-driven strategies to positively impact their bottom-line. This includes deploying predictive analytics to optimize the 5Ps of fashion retail, from pricing and promotions through product, people and placement. Learn how these retailers minimize their losses and maximize their profits today.

Whitepaper: The 5Ps of Fashion Retail

The Manthan Fashion Suite: Next Season Analytics

In a new world of fast fashion that demands concept to store in 3-4 weeks, challenged with a growing number of seasons, and the need to manage demand across international markets, the complexity of decision making has grown multifold. While next season success may rely on gut instincts, businesses must take advantage of data-driven insights more than ever before.

Manthan’s Fashion Suite features a portfolio of analytics products packaged specifically for fashion retail, with solutions for merchandising, marketing, multichannel and operations. The suite includes a number of tools to provide merchandisers, buyers and marketers with the right information they need at the right time. Supported by a hardened retail data model, fashion and specialty retailers can integrate multiple source systems, including POS, ecommerce, store systems, loyalty solutions, merchandise management systems and more to provide a “single version of the truth” for all users across the enterprise.

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