Follow, manage, nurture each customer

With eCommerce Analytics from Manthan, you can create the unique experience that makes customers want to return by walking with them from the moment they arrive at your portal, through the path they take to purchase and then, follow up with them post-purchase. And eCommerce Analytics does that with a tested combination of Personalized Marketing, Merchandise Management and Demand Conversion Services.

Personalized Customer Marketing

Increase relevant engagement

With eCommerce Analytics, you can understand your customer’s behavior across traditional and digital channels. This understanding is combined with dynamic triggers based on every customer context - product, location, occasion, time and behavior - to generate real-time recommendations that target each customer with the best possible offer.

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Increase repeat purchase

Many of the customers in e-commerce end up being one time shoppers, with a focused repurchase campaign these one-time customers can be salvaged and can become loyal shoppers. Many of browse-no-buy and search-no-buy customers when targeted with relevant offers in a timely manner can be convinced to complete their purchase. Match the profile, engagement and purchase behavior of the one-time shoppers with the loyal shoppers to determine which of them will become loyal shoppers in future. Target them with deep offers to get them back to the site for a repeat purchase.

Increase basket size

Leverage your understanding of past purchase behavior to generate targeted offers. With eCommerce Analytics, you can discover category, product and brand adoption propensities which help you create cross-sell promotions and product-introductions that are customer-specific.

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Improve campaign performance

E-commerce campaigns typically span many channels, both digital and non-digital. We provide many options for attributing sales to channels based on business rules. The best-practices metrics and methodologies will ensure you are always measuring your campaigns accurately and fairly. This will ensure you are getting the best return on your marketing investments.

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Multi-channel Merchandise Management

Empower all roles in merchandizing

Manage and optimize merchandise and assortment performance across your chain - conventional and digital, with predictive merchandise analytics. With e-Commerce Analytics, you have all the tools you need for informed, real-time decisions. Manage allocation, markdowns and promotions without compromising on price realization. A wide array of reports, dashboards and analyses that are built specifically for retailer concerns ensure that all roles in merchandizing are empowered to take the right decisions 24/7.

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Identify the right assortment

Like most traditional retail, e-tailers are also consumed with carrying the right assortment of product on the website. We provide pre-packaged product lists to identify the fast moving, slow moving, over stocked and understocked items to help identify the right assortment for the next season. The integration of web analytics can also help identify the future demand for products.

Create impactful promotions

The level of discount is a major influencer of sales for a product. With our promotion analysis tools you can identify the right discount percentage for your promotions at every stage of the product lifecycle. The performance of these promotions can also be monitored to check if intervention is needed to balance sales and inventory.

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Boost fulfillment performance

Analyze order fulfilment by product category, geolocation and vendor. Identify the best and worst performing markets. Identify the bottlenecks for shipping delays and ensure better customer satisfaction by making smarter vendor selections. Also, analyze reverse logistics to identify any bottlenecks in returns by market.

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Demand Conversion Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

A vast majority of online visitors to your store today are first timers. How can you ensure they will come back to your store again? With a combination of scientific web design, relevant online marketing and responsive customer service, you have the opportunity to convert each of them into repeat customers. And to do this, you need to go beyond traditional web analytics.

Here are a few ways you can achieve this with eCommerce Analytics:

Pave the path to purchase

Landing page and website designs greatly influence customer engagement on your online store. Reduce bounce rates and improve click-throughs by adopting responsive designs based on customer behavior.

Customers can also be directed to browse specific categories by optimizing site searches and by re-ordering navigation paths.

Abandonment rates can be reduced by addressing key challenges in the early stages of a customer’s path to purchase. Minimize clicks to purchase, display security seals, show taxes and shipping fees to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

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Target the customer right

Being on the right device with the right messaging at the right time is critical to maximizing ROI. Target the right device, as 90% of users switch devices to complete transaction. By targeting the right marketing channel, e-commerce retailers can maximize paid searches, improve search engine optimization and social media effectiveness. This leads to targeting the right customer by analyzing existing customer behavior and thereby improving campaign effectiveness.

Keep them coming back

The end of the transaction is not the end of the relationship. Keep the customer engaged with free shipping, Customer Support Services, improved shipment tracking, attractive return policies and other services that create the true Wow! experience.

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Online Marketing

Understand your customer demographic and drive traffic to your website by managing and optimizing campaigns across multiple marketing channels

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