A Manthan Case Study

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Crocs, Stepping Off the Beaten Path

‘Game changer’ is how competitors and the retail industry alike choose to describe casual footwear company, Crocs.

Crocs is recognized for being at the revolutionary edge of technology when it comes to its products. But the same is also true when it comes to ensuring the best in service and operations of the company as well.

Stepping Local, Treading Global

Globally renowned for its innovative and comfortable clog design, Crocs products have travelled the world.

With this rapid expansion, Crocs had to deal with local conditions, cultures and demands while manufacturing on a global scale.

Operations needed to be efficient locally, while central manufacturing and global distribution needed to be well coordinated.

In the Customer’s Shoes

Locally, Crocs wanted to ensure it was fulfilling the specific needs of its customers, regardless of which country they lived in. With over 350 stores worldwide, this was no easy task to start.

At the same time, Crocs was also concerned with improving assortment localization, inventory distribution, and supply chain responsiveness worldwide.

What Manthan Did to Pad the Sole

Croc’s selected Manthan as their Analytics partner to help them deal with these issues. Manthan’s Merchandise Analytics solution enabled Crocs improve merchandise speed to market and assortment localization at a global level.

Manthan’s solution helped the Crocs management have a global standard for a single version of truth –
across 20 countries, 3 global regions, over 350 stores and online channels, integrated across
a large number of source systems worldwide.

Striding into the Future

Manthan’s solution resulted in improved analysis and decision making on key merchandising areas like assortment, allocation, inventory, market share, pricing, promotions, store replenishment and supply chain movement.

With insightful data, Crocs learned they had a strong connection with their customers, and found a bigger opportunity to connect with women around emotional comfort.

Crocs was also able to unify their global business using Manthan Analytics, and provide regional decision making capabilities while maintaining global visibility.

Manthan is the implementation partner for Crocs’ merchandise operations.


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