What is Manthan? 

To put it succinctly, Manthan is an evolution.

This is the point where, were we any other company, we would go on to shower you with the standard corporate clichés about what an exciting, energetic, effervescent, entrepreneurial place we are, our “culture”, our love for diversity, etc. etc.

We’d much rather just continue talking about evolution.

Why? Because evolution governs everything we do.

Our products, are constantly evolving. Our processes, are constantly evolving. Market conditions, are constantly evolving. Our clients, are constantly evolving. And our people, are constantly evolving.

And there’s a reason why we say “evolution”, and not merely “change”. Because implicit in evolution, is growth, while change merely reflects an altered state of being.

As for our diversity policy, our career mapping, our people initiatives, our remuneration packages and so on and so forth, we’ll simply say this: We are no longer in the Jurassic age (or even the ‘80s, for that matter). So much like any reputable firm, we invest in the people who make us what we are, and we expect from them the best they have to offer.

So come. Join the evolution.

What do we expect from you?

Professional excellence. Quality consciousness. Sincerity. Team work. Self motivation. Courtesy.

We expect you to work hard, and smart. We expect you to shoulder your share of Manthan’s commitment to excellence. We expect you to be a good human being, who is straight forward, plain spoken, and does not indulge in office politics.

What can you expect from us?

At Manthan, you are an Associate. Not an employee.

Simply because you are a crucial element in realising our next evolution. Our next success. We are committed to creative thinking. And we are equally committed to surmounting the associated risks.

You’ll find we have an ethically driven, performance oriented, value-based culture. This is the foundation for an open, enthusiastic, multicultural work environment. One that’s flexible, non-hierarchical, and focussed on delivering results. Where your performance is measured professionally, using Balanced Score-carding Methodology.

Here, you will work on evolutionary technological solutions that span platforms and geographies. You will gain valuable global exposure to clients, and enjoy a superior learning curve.

Here, you will evolve, as we do.