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Customer Analytics Solution

Customer360 empowers you to leverage advanced analytics at every marketing decision point.

Personalization that delivers is hard to execute on two counts. Most marketers do not have the insights needed to effectively personalize at an individual level. Personalization which isn’t backed by analytics ends up being superfluous and doesn’t motivate the customer to take desired actions. And secondly, the volume of campaigns that need to manage across every customer context and merchandise priorities presents an execution challenge.

Expand share of wallet

Customer360 can help you capture share of wallet from competitors by uncovering hidden opportunities to expand range, category and brand penetration, accelerate new product adoption based on a holistic understanding of customer lifestyles, stages, and behaviors. Customer360 can leverage this insight into product, marketing, category promotions and help deliver contextual personalized messages that ensure response and lift.

Increase basket size

Transform “cherry picking” behavior or encourage your loyalists with targeted offers based on past purchase behavioral insights to maximize basket value in every trip. Customer360 helps identify underlying category, product and brand adoption propensities which helps you deliver customer-specific cross-sell and new-product promotions.

Reduce churn

A dollar spent on retention is worth 3 dollars spent on acquisition. The key challenge in retention is the ability to identify customers at risk and preempt attrition with relevant marketing actions. Customer360 not only helps you identify the drivers of churn and predict which customers are likely to leave but also drive automated retention campaigns with the right mix of offers and channels.

Drive engagement

Drive engagement

In today’s world only relevance drives engagement. With Customer360 you can understand customer behavior across all your conventional and digital channels and use that understanding to craft optimal responses. Customer360 helps you treat every customer context (product, location, occasion, time and behavior) as a dynamic trigger that can be intelligently and uniquely respond to. Behavior and context are combined to give you real-time recommendations on the best offer to target the customer with.

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Profile your customers. Understand their expectations. Devise cross-sell opportunities. Execute your personalization campaigns. On the customer’s preferred channel.

13 years of experience translated into packaged applications tailored for specific functions, delivered over the cloud. Ready to use on day 1.


Pre-built connectors and defined processes drive faster self service data loading into a built for analytics marketing data model. Unify data from external and enterprise systems.


Architected for use by business users, with ample self service and on-demand help to accelerate adoption. First analytical view in 2 days.

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