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Customer360 has descriptive and predictive data-mining algorithms that help achieve a unified customer profile across social and shopping data. All hosted and cloud for instant access, easy adoption and scalability.

What you get, is an intuitive, self-service solution that enables role-specific actions that marketers can depend on to create and deliver a new degree of multi-channel personalization.

Targeting and Personalization

Customer360 is a hub to manage customer engagement across conventional and digital channels by intelligently bringing together customer, product and business context

Customer List Management

Seamlessly consume the analytical outputs to micro-segment customers for precise targeting

Offer selection

Advanced recommendation and rules engine to automatically identify best offers for each customer based on their past purchase behavior, and incorporating business context such as new product introduction, vendor driven promotions etc.

Campaign Execution

Highly flexible execution framework to plan and configure all customer engagements centrally. Triggered execution to address a wide variety of dynamic market basket conditions and customer interaction events. Scheduling to automate marketing activities such as periodic newsletters, retention campaigns, and seasonal campaigns

Engagement channels

Plug-n-play multi-channel campaign execution across all channels such as email, SMS, mobile, POS, social and e-commerce

Customer Engagment
Customer Engagment


Customer360 natively contains descriptive, predictive and prescriptive algorithms which help marketers understand customers’ purchase and digital behaviors

Customer Segmentation

Create lifestyle/ life stage and behavioral clusters based on demographics, loyalty engagement, purchase behavior, and promotion response

RFM Customer Scoring

Score customers on the basis of transactional behavior to identify high value customers, value shoppers, loyalists, cherry pickers and opportunists

Market Basket Analysis

Identify bundling or cross-sell opportunities based on affinities between and across categories, products and brands

Churn Analysis

Estimate probability of customers who are likely to churn. Guide retention campaigns by identifying drivers for churn and re-engagement

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Forecast the value of future sales from customers and rank them based on relative value to allocate marketing spend

Propensity modeling

Predict the response probability for each promotion, marketing channel or product offer for each customer

Analytical Views

Customer360 provides a range of pre-built metrics and analytical views to analyze customer, transaction, loyalty and campaign data from conventional and digital channels

Know Your Customer and Loyalty Analysis

Understand customers’ demographics and behavioral segment metrics, and long-term trends. Assess the health of the loyalty program, effectiveness of acquisition programs, and rewards accrual and redemption trends

Purchase Behavior and Product Mix

Analyze sales over time, across customers, product attributes and store hierarchies, and get an understanding of changes in spend behavior. Understand the differences in purchase behavior of various segments using metrics such as basket size, visit frequency, sales over time, tender type, etc.

Campaign Analysis and Promotion Analysis

Track campaign performance and effectiveness for targeted and non-targeted marketing activities. Unambiguously measure the incremental sales generated by targeted promotions and channels by using combinations of pre-post analysis and test-control analysis

Customer marketing analytics

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Customer Data Analytics

13 years of experience translated into packaged applications tailored for specific functions, delivered over the cloud. Ready to use on day 1.

Customer analytics

Pre-built connectors and defined processes drive faster self service data loading into a built for analytics marketing data model. Unify data from external and enterprise systems.

Customer analytics Solution

Architected for use by business users, with ample self service and on-demand help to accelerate adoption. First analytical view in 2 days.


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