Product Affinity

Discover hidden relationships
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Product affinity analysis model from Manthan uses a superior Data Mining methodology to reveal hidden correlations and not-so-apparent affinities that exist among various product groups in your assortment. So it may seem like simple common-sense that shoppers who buy breakfast cereal also purchase milk and those that purchase bread usually buy Swiss-cheese on the same shopping trip. But discovering the affinity between stamps and cigarettes or tuna and toothpaste requires superior data mining capabilities.

Manthan analytics Product Affinity Analysis Model uses advanced algorithms to detect associated products and reveal significant and actionable product affinities. Manthan’s Product Affinity Analysis model lets you:

  • Identify products likely to be purchased together
  • Identify anchor products that drive sales of other associated products
  • Determine items that create a pull-through and need to be promoted
  • Enhance sell-in and in-store placement recommendations with credible, fact- based analysis
  • Develop optimal promotion plans that benefit you and your suppliers
  • Identify true and artificial affinities among products
  • Identify Product relationships in multi-channel environment

Product Affinity Analysis is one among the various advanced analytics capabilities of Manthan’s Retail Analytics. Retail Analytics provides prescriptive, predictive and diagnostic analytics capabilities for all functions that influence product performance - sales, assortment, pricing, allocation, inventory, promotions, markdowns, vendors and shelf presentation. For the merchandiser, Retail Analytics takes the uncertainty out of daily decisions and replaces it with profitable probability.


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