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When your products expire in a day, decisions can't really wait.

Actionable intelligence is the answer to solving grocery retail quandaries: Why is it that information on customers, merchandising and operations exist, but can't be quickly accessed, analyzed and acted upon?

Such intelligence allows grocers to proactively affect change-real change-before the challenges hit. There really are clear pathways to existing information that forecasts and foretells needed actions.

There's no waiting or wondering, just real information solving of real grocery problems.

Merchandising Analytics for Grocers

Merchandise matters. From perishables to greeting cards on aisle six, these products represent pennies in the pocket, or money down the drain. Shifting the direction-taking action at the store level to change direction on a promotion, for example, requires "right now" merchandising analytics.

Merchandising Analytics offers performance management at the shelf's edge, meaning that a store-level change about promotions or markdowns or other actions, can occur almost instantaneously. Actionable intelligence creates opportunities and diffuses most challenges.

The kinds of analytical capabilities required must extend from supplier to store, from associate to executive and impact every product, every decision, every day and include:

  • Category Management - Providing information that leverages localized assortments, new product introductions and squeezing margins from every inventory dollar invested
  • Fresh Food Management - Optimize fresh produce inventory and sales by analyzing unique attributes like weight, date, shelf duration etc.
  • Controlling Out of Stocks - Predicting out of stocks in time to take corrective action, particularly on promotional items
  • Loss Prevention - Exception based reporting that identifies and quantifies high probability shrink exposure by product, store, or employee
  • Labor Analytics - Active analytics that help you match traffic, transactions, and staff levels to enhance customer service and minimize wasted labor expense
  • Promotion Measurement - Assessing promotional ROI, by campaign, by item, and by market basket

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Customer Analytics for Grocers

With Manthan ARC, retailers are able to dynamically manage a large number of active product lines/SKUs to create unique merchandising propositions. helps improve store range and depth to provide the right mixes in each locale, assists in determining sales trends and identifying the right merchandise to stock while offering the right promotions to the right customers.

Grocers have the potential to individualize every shopper's experience while accomplishing business objectives, from increasing shopper spend per visit to cross-selling promotions. With actionable intelligence gained from our solutions, store associates can gather and learn more about their customers, personalize offers to their most devout clients, maximize sell-through and-overall-optimize merchandising, from assortment mix to how new products perform.

Customer Analytics include:

  • Loyalty Analytics - Provides consumer insights, and forecasts on retention, churn, and shows trends across segments
  • Campaign Effectiveness - Once a promotion is launched, regardless of media type, its results and value can be measured in costs and ROI
  • RFM Analysis - Identifies your best customers based on Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value
  • On-Point Customer Strategies - Tactics to improve customer engagement are revealed in buying patterns and trends

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