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Manthan to Showcase a Suite of AI and Prescriptive Analytics Products to Enable Customer Obsessed Retailing, at NRF 2018

Manthan will be demonstrating innovations that enable retailers to reimagine key business functions and elevate customer experience like never before.

Manthan, the global leader in AI-powered advanced analytics solutions and a recognized innovator in bringing path-breaking solutions to retailers worldwide, will be showcasing its technology innovations, vital for retailers to operate customer-obsessed businesses, at National Retail Federation (NRF), 2018. A customer obsessed approach entails re-imagining or rethinking every business function through the customers’ lens to unlock opportunities and create moments of delight. For example – reimagine merchandising by carrying the ideal assortment mix based on customer needs, preferences, lifestyle, brand choices, seasonality and demographics or reimagine marketing promotions by personalizing offers, messages in real-time through the right channel that customers will respond to based on past purchase, customer behavior, store location, buying context or reimagine store operations by ensuring products that customers care about are always available, orders are fulfilled through channels of their choice, product information is readily available and customers are engaged meaningfully.

The key ingredients to enabling such a customer-led business are deep customer insights, personalization and real-time data-driven actions. Manthan’s product innovations empower retailers with these capabilities using AI and prescriptive analytics. They are: 

  • In-Aisle Engagement – A solution, that allows retailers to engage customers with personalized offers and promotions in real-time, when they are at home or in-store, through the retailer's mobile app. It provides real-time product suggestions based on their location in an aisle, delivers personalized offers based on their favorite brands, preferences and past purchase and notifies them on interesting new products launched or other products/offers customers generally tend to miss out on
  • Smart Store Assistant – A mobile application designed for store managers, which prescribes data-driven actions such as re-ordering and replenishment of items to prevent out of stock/shelf situations, provides real-time visibility/insights into products and store performance and enables personalized engagement with a single view of the loyal customer in real-time.
  • Prescriptive Pricing – A solution that helps retailers intelligently price products based on AI-powered insights, in alignment with business objectives. It suggests optimal price for every product and accelerates execution of price changes.
  • AI Business Advisor – Manthan Maya, the AI-powered advisor, allows business users to ask any business question using natural language through voice or text and get answers instantly. Maya analyzes millions of data points from a variety of data sources using machine and deep learning algorithms, and responds with data-driven insights. The answers are supported with narrations and intelligent visualizations. Users can invoke advanced analytic models for deeper analysis with simple commands. Maya also surfaces anomalies and triggers notifications aiding users to take necessary actions at the right time.

“To compete in a customer-led retail evolution we’re witnessing today, retailers need to fundamentally rethink or reimagine the way they run their business. When customers demand instant gratification, our actions cannot be tied to data to insight cycle. Here and now analytics is the new normal for customer obsessed businesses,” said Sameer Narula, CPO, Manthan.

Manthan is showcasing its AI and prescriptive analytics innovations at booth #4311, National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention & Expo to be held between January 14-16, 2017 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.