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Manthan Enables The Next Frontier in Customer Obsessed Marketing: Customer Journey Analytics

Manthan was included in a recent Customer Journey Analytics Vendor Landscape Report by an Independent Research Firm

Manthan, the global leader in SaaS Big Data and Analytics solutions, today announced that it was included in the October 2016 Forrester Vendor Landscape: Customer Journey Analytics Providers report. 

Forrester, in their report, mentions that vendors like Manthan focus on connecting advertising, customer segmentation, promotion, pricing, and social data to build profiles for each customer for marketing programs; and leverage actual behaviour data to enhance and personalize the experience for each customer.

Omnichannel customers keep marketers on the edge as tracking their behaviour at every step and deciphering actionable insights becomes a challenge. In the report, Forrester Analysts observe that “journey analytics requires a high level of comfort with mining customer-level data, knowledge of advanced analytics, and keen understanding of the application of insights.”

“We ensure that marketers are empowered across the marketing lifecycle with the right analytics at their fingertips. Manthan’s packaged Customer Analytics solutions, Customer 360 and TargetOne, complement each other and allow the marketer to seamlessly switch from deciphering and predicting customer behaviour to executing marketing campaigns that impact the customer journey. ” explains Varij Saurabh, Senior Product Manager, Customer Analytics, Manthan.

Manthan’s Customer 360 enables marketers to build a single 360° view of customers across devices, channels, touchpoints, interactions and varied data sourcesfor deep analysis of customers’ life cycles.
­Marketers can develop customer personas, using the solution’s intuitive advanced analytics and data science capabilities; and track how customers migrate from one segment to another. This helps in planning marketing activities to encourage positive segment migrations, such as, low value to high value or high churn risk to low churn risk, and reduce negative migration.

With an omnichannel view of each step in the path to purchase, and advanced analytical insights that pinpoint opportunities to engage and influence decisions, marketers can directly impact the bottom line. Marketers can then seamlessly build micro-segments, run real-time marketing campaigns, fine tune strategies using recommendation engines and automate customer engagement programs with TargetOne, to impact customer behaviour.

Manthan will exhibit at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention & Expo that will be held between January 15-17, 2017 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Meet Manthan’s Analytics experts to experience business ready analytics applications that rapidly monetize insights, at booth #4111 at the NRF Convention & Expo.