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Manthan - Compulynx partnership to enable African retailers to jumpstart growth with Advanced Analytics

With self-service Advanced Analytics solutions that improve retail business outcomes and boost customer loyalty, the partnership enables African retailers to achieve the fastest path to profit.

Manthan, a global leader in advanced analytics and big data, announced a partnership with Compulynx, the most respected and dominant technology solutions provider in East Africa to bring industry leading advanced analytics technology to businesses in the region.

After delighting retailers in the Middle East for over 5 years now, with operations based out of its office in Dubai Internet City, this marks Manthan’s formal entry into the African market. African retailers are looking for analytics and insights that yield quick ROI, in the areas of merchandising, store operations, pricing optimization as well as customer marketing and loyalty.

“East Africa is the perfect portal to enter the African market considering its market maturity and excellent technology adoption appetite. Retailers can boost revenues and maximize profits with our innovative analytics solutions in the domains of customer marketing, merchandising, supplier collaboration and online retailing. Our partner Compulynx’s extensive regional network and retail expertise, proven over a period of 20 years, strongly complements Manthan’s retail analytics capabilities and will extend the power of analytics driven decision making to every retailer in the region.”, said Ehtesham Mohammed, VP, Middle East and Africa, Manthan.

East Africa is one of the fastest growing regions with over 3.3% growth rate. Organized retail comprises of about 35% share, and has registered a growth of over 10% YoY. The market for BI and Analytics software in Middle East and Africa grew by 11%, as per Gartner* . “The time is thus ripe to enter the market with quick start, built-for-retail analytics solutions that are tailored to address market needs, thereby providing the fastest path to profit.”, adds Ehtesham.

"This partnership opens up new opportunities for us to offer significant value add to our retail customers. We can now enable the retailers to gain new insights into their business operations, out of the existing data, which they were not able to use as effectively until now. This will enable them to take informed business decisions, resulting in improved efficiency in their business operations as well as improved service to their customers” said Sailesh Savani, Founder and CEO, Compulynx

Manthan has revolutionized the advanced analytics universe with a unique blend of enterprise BI and self-service, packaged analytics solutions that cover every role and function in retail, in a plug and play environment. Manthan’s innovative Switch On approach utilizes big data technology, process automation and process optimization to ensure that analytics can now be made available to business users in a matter of a few hours, not weeks.

Recently voted as the #1 vendor for Tier One Retailers by RIS Software Leaderboard,

Manthan has also partnered with Tableau, Hortonworks and SnapLogic to ensure that retailers have best of breed technologies at their fingertips.