All the information you need for decision-making. Right on the shop floor

With proven domain expertise across retail sectors, ARC on the iPad is a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution architected to provide a scalable, automatic and real-time solution for all functions of your Retail Business. ARC on the iPad is designed to meet your needs for interactive analytics and decision-making on the go. It allows you to effectively analyze your business data and take efficient, quick decisions while you are on the move, using your iPad.

Key features

Integration to existing data warehouse: ARC on the iPad does not need any special infrastructure at the backend working on top of your existing ARC BI solution and metadata.

Offline viewing: ARC caches data onto your iPad, enabling you to perform analysis offline with previously accessed data. ARC's data caching capabilities means that you can continue to work on key analysis and report generation even during network disconnection.

High level of personalization: The application optimizes the 'personal' nature of the iPad with completely personalized views of your business information and analytics including personalized links to your Alerts, Broadcasts, Appointments and Scorecards.

Customizable dashboards: The ARC application offers the capability for flexible, quick and completely configurable dashboard creation with an intuitive, WYSIWYG functionality.

Powerful graphics: The application has built-in graphic capabilities which enable it to support a wide range of graph types and offers superior data visualization options.

Supports standard IOS or android gestures: ARC on the iPad supports standard IOS gestures like tap, flick, pinch, and swipe supporting quick adoption even by first-time users.

E-mail and print: ARC on the iPad application enables you to e-mail or print a specific dashboard or graph based on your requirement.

Collaborate on social media: ARC on the iPad application provides users an option to share dashboards, graphs and grids over social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

Traffic lights for highlighting exception data: ARC on the iPad allows you to set conditions to highlight data using Traffic Lights (data represented by any of the three colors red, amber or green).

Intuitive browser interface: ARC on the iPad allows you to browse modules, hierarchy views and sub-views in an easy-to-use tee format and supports filter options to tailor a more detailed analysis.


Quick turnarounds on dashboards and reports: The ARC BI engine that powers the application enables speedy creation of reports and dashboards in a matter of seconds.

High security: ARC on the iPad offers 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit encryption options of individual packet level data and information stored locally stored on your device, ensuring complete safety of sensitive and business-critical data. Superior Drill-down and Drill-across capabilities: ARC on the iPad supports standard BI actions like drill-down and drill-across capabilities for a more detailed interrogation of data.

Supports standard IOS or android gestures: like tap, flick, pinch, and swipe letting you magnify reports, switch between different dashboards or drill down into data on stores, departments, class, group and product type.

Interactive analytics with powerful write-back options: ARC on the iPad offers high interactivity enabling you to not just view reports and dashboards but also perform critical business tasks based on this information.