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See what managers across retail organisations are doing to enhance performance and decisions

Decisions are made by people. And decisions people take, revolve around the business functions and processes they handle. Decision making is human, contextual and centered around specific information needs of particular role plays.

ARC is designed to address the needs and decision contexts of every role in the retail organization, may it be a VP Merchandiser for Grocery, an allocator for beverages, a planner for home furnishings, or a store manager in North Plano, Dallas.

We offer role-based analytics across various roles for category managers, buyers, divisional merchandise managers, heads of merchandising, store operations, inventory managers, etc.

Key benefits

ARC being a role-based analytic application provides ready-to-use feature-rich analytic contexts that are built on best practices and refined over time.

Role-based user design and easy personalization drives critical capabilities like performance management, collaborative decision making, guided analytics, etc and provides the flexibility to customize these decisions to the precise needs of a specific user.

Key applications

Some scenarios where ARC can play essential roles include,

  • Customized snapshots for various role plays: For example, operational executives monitor promotion sell-through and stock levels, while head of merchandising monitors the same event at weekly snapshots.
  • Scenario specific decision making can be implemented: For example, ARC guides an allocator to make stock optimization choices based on inventory analysis, stock movement and cost control contexts.
  • Personalized category view according to role preferences: For example, ARC helps store merchandisers see store-wise sales and margin contributions, while merchandisers see the same KPIs based on the categories they are responsible for.