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Inform. Initiate. Implement.

Manthan introduces ARC 3rdi, the next step in retail analytics…or more correctly, the next leap. Thus far, retail business intelligence has been about information, or at the very best, decision-support. ARC 3rdi takes the next leap in retail BI, into the realm of implementation. Now, good to know is just not good enough. With ARC 3rdi, you can assess a situation, identify opportunities, simulate alternative courses of action, make advised choices, get approvals and then, implement through your execution system. Never before, has retail analytics enabled retailers to do so much, on the go. Every role, every function – from store associate to CEO – has the power of 3rdi available to make the right moments happen.

3rdi. It happens in a moment

Many and varied scenarios occur every moment in a retail store and each of those moments has a critical effect on the outcome to the retailer, to the customer, and to the product or service offered. Ensuring that each of those moments is successful, at all levels, is the challenge. Having the right information, at the right time, in the right way, and having the ability to influence those outcomes and moments in a positive way is key to retail success. How does 3rdi help ensure successful Moments? Here's an example. Let's assume you're a retail buyer using ARC 3rdi, and ARC sends you an automated alert that a product is not moving or is overstocked. On reviewing the situation you may decide that a price change is in order. You can then play with a number of price change scenarios, and estimate what new lower price will have the desired effect of moving the product at the best margin. Having simulated and selected the best price, you can then send it to the merchandise manager for approval. Once approved, the price change can be logged into the execution system to be communicated to the stores. And all this you have achieved in moments, without moving from your chair. Or for that matter, while strolling down the aisle, mobile device in hand, making the moments happen. That's the power of 3rdi. It sharpens and improves the effectiveness of your intuition. Successful Moments, Successful Outcomes. Click here to watch a few scenario's on 3rd i in action.

3rdi. From store associate to CEO, supporting better decisions at shelf's edge

ARC 3rdi is designed to support the most urgent decisions that retailers typically face on a daily basis. And whether you're a Store Manager, a Senior Merchandising Executive, an Associate, or the Chief Marketing Officer, every moment counts.

Whether you're seeking to make price changes, select products for promotion, place or cancel orders, delete products from a store's product assortment, move products from warehouse to store in time to fulfil sales orders, 3rdi is there to support and guide you. Every store, every associate, every executive – all decisions made possible

3rdi. How is it different?

3rdi on ARC, is next generation business analytics. 3rdi is a set of key action points that propel a retailer to formulate solutions and exploit data and multi-channel information fed from various parts of the operation. 3rdi allows merchandising managers, stock refillers, campaign builders and price changers get ahead of issues, anticipate and solve challenges before they become challenges. 3rdi analyzes a given situation, considers the best course of action, selects, approves and executes, unlike many analytics solutions that stop before execution. Simulation, workflow and automated integration into the retail execution system is unique to 3rdi. 3rdi moves you from knowing about opportunities within your business and doing something about them.

3rdi. Continuing the Manthan tradition of retail excellence

Manthan helps retailers remain profitable and competitive through use of its ARC Business Intelligence and Retail Analytics solutions. A global company, Manthan has sales offices throughout the world and clients in 18 countries including Games Stores, Woolworth, Robinson retail, Crocs, McDonalds and scores of others. Manthan's ARC solutions are advanced, and have a unique plug-and-play functionality offering role-based, guided analytics capabilities and a wide array of interactive dashboards and preconfigured KPIs for superior decision support across the entire spectrum of retail decision-making.

ARC is licensed on an enterprise basis, encouraging retail use at all and varied functional levels of a retail organization. Whether you're an executive, a store associate, or a merchandising manager, our model promotes the idea that every retailing moment presents opportunities for success. We want to help our clients succeed, be profitable and retain their competitive advantage. ARC 3rdi raises the bar in analytics and takes retailers to the next level of retail business intelligence. See 3rdi in action.