Leading managers have a simple way to arrive at the right decision all the time maturity

ARC focuses on helping users step up their competency and maturity levels on optimal usage of the system for better end results. This is achieved through capabilities that guide users along their analytic processes, suggest possible scenarios in their decision making and provide the ability to transfer knowledge to other users in the system with linked roles in the analytic process.

Based on shared expertise and exchange of best practices, the focus is on making ARC a participatory and flexible learning system that helps to promote better analytic usage and optimal decision making. This will enable the users to improve their awareness and execution abilities, and leverage maximum results from their analytic processes.

Key features

Storyboarding: It captures the decision making processes and best analysis paths, and allows you to record these activities for future reference, collaboration and training new users.

'See-also' suggestions: This provides suggestions for linked KPI reports, while ensuring the right decisions are taken through comprehensive analysis and sharing best practices.

Dynamic search and auto suggest: These capabilities interpret reports and ensure you explore beyond data to compare and analyze various implications.

Sticky notes: This helps you to capture thoughts as you perform a chain of analysis, to make sure you do not miss out on anything.

Personalization: Pre-built role-based analytic scenarios, which are also easily customizable, makes the business analysis process a time-efficient and productive endeavor.