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Many offer analytics solutions across roles. But not many, can make roles collaborate in decision-making.

Complex decision making contexts in an organization may revolve around a group of people with multiple roles and responsibilities. Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is specifically aimed at increasing the success of team-centric decision orchestration and collaborative problem solving. 

Collaborative Decision Making helps your organization achieve optimal results by enabling a shared understanding of insights and facilitating their overall coordination in planning actions, the main goal being to improve performance for tactical initiatives, end-of-period performance analysis, strategic initiatives with cascading responsibilities etc.

ARC collaborative decision making capabilities

  • Collaborative Decision Making is a category of decision support system that focuses on decisions that are non-routine, complex and require iterative human interaction.
  • Ideal for processes that require investigative decision making, root cause analysis, course corrections, 'brainstorming' interventions and consensus driven actions.
  • The capabilities are a combination of personalization, social messaging tools, and context driven application design facilitating CDM. For example, the initiative tracking for Christmas promotion monitoring on a product or category requires collaborative and iterative decision making for a set of people across planning, execution, monitoring and improving cycle.
  • ARC CDM will enable your organization to better demonstrate the business value of BI.

These capabilities are facilitated by a thoughtful integration of role based analytics, enterprise messaging, and business activity monitoring to map decision workflows in the analytic process.