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All the information you need, drilled deep On one screen

ARC Dashboards provide an immediate insight into individual, departmental or enterprise performance of your retail business. ARC Dashboards helps you to track important retail business areas and initiatives at multiple levels (strategic, tactical, and operational) in a single screen, by delivering key metrics in a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

The usability of ARC Dashboards helps you to drive faster insights, get a holistic understanding and consequently improve your action/reaction to business opportunities. They provide dynamic drilling features by seamlessly monitoring performance at various levels of the hierarchy (up/down, n-th level) and allow dynamic portal refreshing.

Dashboard features

  • Role-based, personalized information access: Example - YOY comparisons of sales $, margin $ and sell through is presented on the store-wise, while the same metrics are seen by category managers product-wise.
  • Guided analytics: Example - Using Guided Analytics, users viewing category scorecard are also suggested to view top performing items and promotions running in the same timeframe.
  • Pre-built dashboards: Access ARC's large library of pre-built dashboards, context-based presentations and role-based personalized access.
  • Advanced visualization: Focus on intuitive visual engineering and a large collection of advanced visualization techniques with more than 30 graph presentation capabilities.
  • Actionable interactivity: Gives you the ability to drill down/drill across the performance of the company's processes. You can view/change filters and print/save the graph/analysis. Use interactive mouse over tips, on-the-fly chart swap, on-the-fly graph to grid swap. A portal based design allows you flexibility in the way that data is viewed viz. graph vs. tabular data.
  • Fully integrated with analysis capabilities: Users can access all BI and non-BI enterprise content using ARC dashboards. You can publish Scorecards, Strategy Maps, KPIs, Metrics, Q&A, Alerts, Grid-based Reports in dashboards.
  • Easy management: Users can easily create new dashboards, add measures & KPIs, set filters, views and drill paths, define layouts, etc using easy to use wizard-based dashboard management facility.