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Journey Analytics

Real-time interactions across the customer journey to capitalize on micro-moments

In-the-moment actions hold great potential for retailers – you act and secure the sale when customer is engaged with you. Certainly, you are aware of this opportunity, but chances are, your tools hinder your ability to deliver on the contextual, real-time promise.

Journey analytics moves the needle from siloed focus on individual touchpoints, to a bird’s eye view on the customer’s end-to-end path-to-purchase. Focusing on each touchpoint individually is passé and can trigger customer dissatisfaction, churn and lost sales. An omnichannel, holistic journey approach can result in improved retention, higher sales and satisfied customers.

You need multiple underlying components for personalized customer journey management at scale – intelligent omni-channel customer context, real-time insights and cross-channel execution capability. It starts with identifying the channels, gathering and connecting the data for a unified view, acting on the insights and measuring results for optimization.

With Manthan’s Journey Analytics, you can:
  • Activate non-visiting customers: Contextually respond to customer activity and inactivity with well-crafted multi-wave campaigns
  • Win customers on their path-to-purchase: Trigger communications based on real-time events such as app download, sign-up, purchase, add to cart, abandoned cart
  • Communicate consistently across every channel: Map interactions based on customer activity across digital and physical for a seamless experience, no matter where they are
  • Cross-sell intelligently: Dynamically recommend next-best product and path based on customer micro-segment and journey trajectory
  • Measure journey performance: Track all active journeys with deep-dive into both short-term and long-term metrics such as response rates, customer spend, frequency, CSAT
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