Fresh - The Newest Ideas In Retail Decision Making - September 2014

Online shopping continues to threaten retailers on the high street with low overheads and reasonably cheap delivery, not to mention the instant gratification derived by the fickle-minded consumer. There is a constant need to ‘think-on-your-toes’, and this need fulfills two grave gaps: delivering a personalized customer experience every time a shopper interacts with the brand, and staying ahead of the competition.

Former ‘brick-and-mortar’ only retailers are increasingly looking at incorporating technologies that marry every customer touch point to enhance and deliver a seamless in-store and online customer experience. Customers today also want to find information about brands, physical stores, pricing comparison, and more from wherever they are. Take the example of Lacoste, for instance, who is using a mobile app to direct customers to nearby tennis courts and store locations. Other retailers like Nordstrom are also leveraging customer familiarity with certain popular online user experiences (such as Instagram) to package online product information and presentation in a manner that inspires more sales.

In your opinion, which retailers out there do a stellar job when it comes to leveraging technology to offer a seamless shopping experience? Write to us at and let us know!

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