CPG manufacturers can understand and activate the shopper’s journey with predictive analytics

As many CPG manufacturers experience a sustained drop in net sales growth, there's a growing imperative to adopt a holistic approach to analyzing and using shopper data. CPG marketers are increasingly employing advanced predictive analytics to gain a deeper understanding of today's digitally-savvy shoppers. Those insights are vital to activating the shopper's journey and driving incremental growth.

By moving from the traditional "descriptive" analytics approach to forward looking "predictive" analytics capabilities, CPG marketers are now driving truly actionable results from their data. It all comes down to how detailed your "shopper magnification" is – are you able to transform this complicated mass of information into specific insights about shoppers, their wants and needs?

Key topics covered:

  • CPG Marketing
  • Shopper Analytics
  • Brand Marketing and Channel Analytics
  • CPG-Retailer Collaboration
  • Integrated Marketing Approach

Download our new white paper, "Why Understanding and Activating the Shopper's Journey is Vital to Driving Growth," to explore how you can better understand and activate the shopper's journey. The paper details how predictive analytics enable CPG marketers to develop a much stronger understanding of what is being sold, how it is being sold, and where it is being sold.

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