21 ways analytics can help your C store

21 ways analytics can
help your C store

To maximize revenue impact and be prepared for 2018, C-stores have 5 levers that they can use to be successful.

  • Prescribe profitable and timely decisions for merchandising and store managers about assortment, inventory, pricing, promotions and day-to- day store operations
  • Empower marketers to identify revenue generation opportunities and predict customer behavior by understanding customer behavior and preferences
  • Improve customer engagement by executing machine learning based personalized promotions in real time across email, SMS, mobile app and social
  • Create a high performing agile supplier network through comprehensive insights, process automation, and data integration between the retailer and suppliers
  • Implement local pricing strategies across stores based on competitor pricing and customer segment needs

Here are 21 ways Manthan can help your Convenience Stores be agile, aligned, and adaptive.