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Track your competitor’s moves and apply rules-based pricing strategies for better sales without sacrificing margin. With geo-mapping visualization tools and at-a-glance dash¬boards, Manthan Fuel Analyzer supports the full spectrum of activ¬ities associated with fuel retail, from competitive research and implementation of pricing strategies through performance assessment. With Manthan Fuel Analyzer, the right information is available at the right time so that you can offer exactly what your customer wants to see at the pump - the right price.



Once you have your customer at the pump, the goal is to get them into the store with the right blend of assortment, pricing, offers and service. Manthan C-Store Suite provides a unified view of product preferences and behavior profiles so you know how to entice your most profitable segments. Increase basket size with product and service affinities, ensure your product mix is ideal, and deliver relevant promotions to remain irresistible in the eyes of your customer.



Discover and leverage hidden relationships between products, pricing, promotions, stock levels, space and store performance. Balance your inventory with assortments that include local preferences, while monitoring real-time stock availability. Manthan C-Store Suite helps you both localize and maximize resources chain-wide. What could be better?

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As part of the Manthan C-Store Suite, you have Manthan's Customer Analytics portfolio built in to help you develop real customer centricity. Tailored for C-Stores, this solution comprises Customer360 to give you a unified view of customer topography, TargetOne to help you achieve world-leading personalization and Loyalty247, the mobile platform.

The Customer Management feature in the C-Store Suite helps you track customer behavior and preferences, design and deliver personalized offers, increase traffic with better customer service and identify and reward your best customers.

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Merchandise Management in the Manthan C-Store Suite includes Fuel Analyzer – a customized product for C-Stores that brings you increased margins on fuel with a constant track of local competition and global trends in fuel prices. Fuel Analyzer helps you compete with price management and analysis.

With Merchandise Management, you can ensure that your stores have a localized flavor, while balancing chain-wide merchandising. Manthan Merchandise Analytics is a solution favored by merchandisers in some of the leading retails worldwide.

With Merchandise Management, you can expect better category management driven by analytics, better demand forecasting and planning, reduced losses through spoilage and shrinkage, better on-shelf availability and reduced OSS.

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Improve space utilization and you are already on your way to improved profitability. And the Store Operations feature in the Manthan C-Store Suite does that and much more for you.

With Store Operations, you can improve space utilization and productivity with planogram-based sales analysis. You can drive optimized labor costs and improve customer service by tracking traffic and transaction patterns. Improve DSO processes and see an increase in SBT business and margins by sales and inventory tracking.


Share information and insights with your vendors and you'll see an increase in productivity and the agility of your store. With Vendor Insights, you can bring your vendors up to date with customer preferences and behavior while with Vendor Link, you can ensure that all processes and transactions with your vendors are automated and monitored for absolute efficiency and transparency.

With the Supplier Collaboration module in Manthan C-Store Suite, you can reduce cost of vendor and item, you can derive a higher price book accuracy with online updates and synchronization and reduce financial overheads with invoice process automation. And the best part is that you can monetize opportunity by sharing business data insights with your vendors.

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Despite all that technology has to offer, decisions are taken by people – based on context and information available. Manthan is designed to address every decision context of every role in the C-Store – buyers, merchandisers, store operations managers, inventory managers, everyone. That too, by providing them with a unified view of all the information necessary in the context.

Manthan does this with ready-to-use, feature-rich analytic contexts built on best practices and developed over time on real scenarios. This helps drive critical capabilities while providing the flexibility to customize decisions to the precise needs of a specific user.

Some scenarios where Manthan can play a critical role include customized snapshots for various role plays, scenario-specific decision-making, personalized category view according to role preferences.

What role-based analytics also does is develop an organization-wide, aligned analytics culture.

Other analytics solutions provide information. Manthan provides comprehensive insights. The C-Store Suite provides a wizard-approach to the query process, which guides the user through a series of steps and screens to guarantee a holistic view of the business, leaving no stone unturned. Get your team on the same page, whether it’s for a pricing review, quarterly in-store performance evaluation or your company’s unique business process.

Manthan 3rdi, is a leap for retail analytics. From information and decision-support, analytics now gets into implementation. With 3rdi in the Manthan C-Store Suite, you can now assess a situation, identify opportunities, simulate alternative courses of action, make informed choices, get approvals and then, implement it through your execution system.

Various scenarios play themselves out, every minute, in a C-Store. Each of these moments, is of critical importance to you, to the customer and the product or service on offer. Having real-time access to the right information, at the right time, in the right way, with the ability to influence the outcome of these moments is what stands between success and failure. 3rdi ensures that you are on top of every one of these moments.

Simulation, workflow and automated integration into the retail execution system is what sets 3rdi apart from other analytics products. It moves you from knowing about opportunities to being able to do something about them, instantly.

Every role and every level in retail, now has the power of 3rdi to make things happen. That's what raises the bar and takes retail into the next level of performance.

It’s not just your operations team that’s on the move - your entire C-Store workforce is mobile. With Manthan Mobility, comprehensive insights are available at the fingertips of your entire retail team, whether at their desks or on-the-go. Full application access is available with any device, regardless of mobile platform. With exception-based alerts delivered via email or SMS, Manthan Mobility provides a convenient BI solution for ev¬erything C-Store - everywhere.

With Manthan, you have both Performance Management and Scorecards to keep track of where you stand with relation to pre-set targets.

Performance Management provides you with decision-making contexts that cover the entire lifecycle of retail processes – through features like strategy mapping, benchmarking, pre-built analytic applications and scorecards. This helps direct your analytic process with system driven capabilities like goal/objective setting, progress monitoring, problem alerting and guided analytics for achieving your goals.

There are several pre-built scorecard applications in the Manthan C-Store Suite like balanced scorecards, initiative tracking and complex ranking that enable you to build scoring systems with multiple measures and KPIs.

Scorecards can gauge performance across the value chain and can be customized for any role and level in the organization.

With the Manthan C-Store Suite, you have the advantage of advanced analytics for your chain. Advanced analytics applies advanced statistical models that use predictive and descriptive techniques in decision contexts.

With Manthan, advanced analytics becomes a user-friendly, wizard-based guided analytics process with the ability to model scenarios with multivariate statistical analysis capabilities. When integrated into the same interface with performance management and business intelligence, it creates a seamless user experience.

Advanced analytics brings you the capabilities to optimize, save and recall model variables to deliver optimal results.

Key advanced analytics applications that come to you with the C-Store Suite include product rationalization, product affinity analysis, market basket analysis, customer churn modeling, customer segmentation, RFM modeling and sales forecasting.

Achieve optimal results with a shared understanding across roles in addition to coordination in planning and implementation. Ideal for processes requiring complex decisionmaking, the collaborative decisionmaking features in the Manthan C-Store Suite provides for root cause analysis, course corrections, brainstorming and consensus-driven actions. Decision workflows, supported by enterprise messaging, ensure that all parties are aligned and progressing toward C-Store performance.

Consuming data and information can often become a challenge when presented as reports. But imagine discovering affinities between thousands of products or one store performing below average across a thousand nation-wide, in one quick view. This is when analytics becomes intuitive and consequently, actionable.

The Manthan C-Store Suite offers a range of context-specific visualization capabilities that lets users discover, quickly, opportunity areas and trouble zones. Heat Maps, Product Carousels, Tree Maps, Strategy Maps and other features highlight key areas that require and enable quick decision-making.

To add to data visualization, you have Manthan dashboards. Track all business initiatives at the strategic, tactical and operational level on a single screen, across individual, departmental or enterprise performance of your C-Store. Key metrics are delivered in a visually appealing and intuitive interface for a holistic understanding that can help drive faster insights and help you react faster to business opportunities.


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