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Marketing, Interrupted

We’ve been living in a world of disruption and just when you feel like you’ve figured it out, all the cool Facebook kids go to Instagram. By the time your marketing strategy gets there, you will once again be out of date. If this sounds familiar, and you are finding it hard (impossible?) to keep pace with the changing marketing landscape, you aren’t alone. This brings to mind a quote that I ran across in Harvard Business Review some time ago: You can’t see big-bang disruption coming. You can’t stop it. You can’t overcome it. Old-style disruption posed the innovator’s dilemma. Big-bang disruption is the innovator’s disaster. And it will be keeping executives in every industry in a cold sweat for a long time to come.

Finding Your Marketing Stride

According to HBR’s report on the Ultimate Marketing Machine, there are five drivers of marketing effectiveness: 1. Connecting marketing to business strategy and organization 2. Inspiring others with brand purpose 3. Focusing 4. Becoming agile 5. Building the right capabilities for the future OK, so marketers have a roadmap. Yet, according to a recent McKinsey / ANA report entitled “Marketing 2020”, only 13% of marketers are taking action to address disruptions and achieving measurable results. THIRTEEN PERCENT. Chances are you aren’t in the 13%.

Call to Action: Marketers, It’s Your Turn To Take The Wheel

Marketing has the rare opportunity to be a HERO to meet disruption with a plan and execute to capture new opportunity with measurable results. Don’t squander your chance. Over the next several weeks, I will outline the four new A’s of marketing that will create marketing heroes (marketers, put your P’s away). Be in the 13%. Be a Hero.

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Author- Hillary Ashton

Hillary Ashton
Hillary Ashton has 20 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies across various industries such as retail, financial services, telecom, manufacturing and hospitality. As SVP of Customer Analytics at Manthan, Ashton is focused on helping B2C businesses leverage marketing, analytics and technology to better understand their customers and drive profits. Prior to Manthan, she served in various marketing leadership positions at SAS, Digitas and several technology startups.

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