Sort it Out. The need for Customer Centric Merchandising Assortments.   Reshma suhas     September 26, 2016   Assortment Mix , Assortment optimization , Brand Loyalty , Customer Centric Merchandising , Merchandise Analytics , Merchandise Assortment , Omnichannel Retail , Price Optimization , Real time Analytics , Retail Analytics , Shopper Loyalty

Here are a few reasons why building a Customer Centric Merchandising strategy for pricing , promotion, assortment, placement and in-store merchandising is key to Retailer success in today’s dynamic retail markets


Achieving a Single Customer View in E-Commerce   Amit Rohatgi     July 12, 2016   Analytics , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , Customer Journey , Customer Segmentation , Market Segmentation , Personalization , Single View Of Customer

Till some time back, a single view of customer meant bringing together all data for customer and consolidating into a single record.


Retail customer loyalty programs
How Big Data Improves Loyalty Programs   Rachna Manwani     June 29, 2016   Analytics , Big Data , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Loyalty , Personalization , Retention

Today’s shoppers do not equate loyalty program to a discount alone. They seek a loyalty program which offers value.


Disney retail customer experience
Top Ten Ways Disney Sets The Bar For The Retail Customer Experience   Hillary Ashton     June 17, 2016   Analytics , Customer Analytics , Customer Data , Customer Insights , E-commerce , Marketing Strategy , Personalization , Single View Of Customer

There’s a lot to learn from the Disney retail experience. Even though Disney is not a retailer ,the customer experience Disney provides is truly a retail experience. Here are some moments of excellence and how we can adopt them into the retail space.


Top 5 Analytics trends
Top 5 Analytics trends in Fashion Retail   Seema Agarwal     June 14, 2016   Analytics trends , Fashion Retail , IOT , Market Basket Analysis , Merchandise Assortment , Promotions , Real-time business intelligence , Retail Analytics

Fashion retail industry is looking at several ways to utilize emerging analytical technologies. Let’s look at some of the ways this is happening today


Fashion Retail Analytics
The Key to Innovation in Fashion Retail – Analytics.   Seema Agarwal     June 14, 2016   Customer Centric Merchandising , Demand Estimation , Fashion Retail , Markdown optimization , Prescriptive analytics , Pricing Analysis , Retail Analytics

Let’s look at some of the ways advanced analytics is driving business innovation in the fashion retail industry.


Big Data Marketing
Big Data and Marketing – Heady Cocktails And Crushing Hangovers.   Anand Ganesh     June 14, 2016   Blog

It is the absence of a meaningful connect between data sciences and marketing that we need to bridge.Getting the data together, running sophisticated analysis behind the scenes, and automating the entire process so that results can be delivered instantaneously – is achieved by Big data technologies and Big data analytics.


3 Levers to boosting productivity of the next-gen data scientist
3 Levers to Boosting Productivity of The Next-Gen Data Scientist   Varij Saurabh     June 7, 2016   Analytics , Big Data , Customer Analytics , Data Scientist , Single View Of Customer

Data Scientists are finding it difficult to keep in pace with the ever increasing volume and detail of data captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things that will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future.


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