Retailer-supplier cross-channel data sharing
Top 3 Benefits of Retailer-Supplier Cross-Channel Data Sharing   Ajith Nayar     November 25, 2014   Retail Data Sharing , Retail Insights , Supplier Collaboration

Today, shoppers want a seamless retail experience across different channels. Retailers and suppliers need to share cross-channel data to provide a unified and targeted shopping experience.


Supplier Collaboration For C-Stores
Fantastic Four Benefits From Supplier Collaboration For C-Stores   Ajith Nayar     November 25, 2014   C-Store , Supplier Collaboration

Learn how Retailers and supplier when collaborate to work towards a common goal can optimize and enhance the value out of the supply chain.


Retailer supplier collaboration
Changing social norms of Retailer Shopper engagement: Are shoppers influenced by socially responsible retailers?   Vineeth Abraham     November 17, 2014   Shopper Insights , Social Responsibility , Supplier Collaboration , Supply Chain

Retailers and suppliers should work together to address the changing social norms that influence shopper behavior


Order Management Cycle
Optimize the Order Management Cycle with an Intelligent Supplier Network   Vineeth Abraham     November 17, 2014   Supplier Collaboration , Supply Chain

Effective supplier collaboration can optimize the procure-to-pay cycle, streamline the process, and increase transparency for retailers and suppliers.


Intelligent supplier collaboration
Intelligent Supplier Collaboration to Drive Down Costs   Vineeth Abraham     November 10, 2014   Supplier Collaboration , Supply Chain

Supplier collaboration can enable cost reduction, speedy fulfillment, downsized inventories, and many other benefits for suppliers, retailers, and shoppers.


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